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3 Men’s Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style

01 Mar 2018

 3 Men’s Haircuts that Never Go Out of Style

Side Part

The side part is a style that’s been around since your great grandfather, and it’s still going strong. The men’s haircut features a clean part down one side, accentuated by a sweep of hair extending over or just above the forehead.

Straight hair works best for this cut, although you can always keep unruly locks in place with a dollop of matte clay. The cut is ideal for softening the angles of a square or oval face, while it can also give round faces a sharper look.

Don Draper, #MadMen

Buzz Cut

Also known as the number 5 haircut due to the number of the clipper guard used, the buzz cut is another longtime classic that never loses its appeal. This super-short, low maintenance look provides an all-over hair length of five-eighths of an inch, ideal for active guys who are always on the go.

Since you’re essentially buzzing off most of your hair, any hair type works well with this style. The cut looks best on square or oval faces, but tends to make round faces appear even rounder.

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Short Sides and Back

Now known as the Faded Cut, this men’s hairstyle keeps it short around the sides and back while keeping a bit of weight on the top. The short sides and back deliver a crisp, neat look while the slightly longer hair on top lets you play around with parting, texturising or slicking back this versatile cut.

This cut works well with all hair types and most face shapes, especially round faces. The short sides and back work to emphasise the jaw and elongate the face, giving rounder faces a more angular appearance.

Men's Hairstyle Trends

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