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A world of Flavour

19 Oct 2021

A world of Flavour

There are 195 countries in the world. That’s 195 different cultures, different traditions and different flavours. 

Have you ever wondered why your Italian friend’s Nona makes the best arancini balls? Or why that small, hole in the wall Indian joint in the middle of nowhere makes the best butter chicken? It’s all about tradition - flavours passed down through generations. Fresh spices, traditional recipes and a whole lotta love. 


Indian cuisine dates back over 5000 years - each region drawing inspiration from their own religions, traditions and cultures. The common thread however, binding all regions remains the distinct emphasis on merging spices, forever giving Indian cuisine its unique flavour. For centuries spices have been the foundation of Indian cooking - they can transform and give life to the simplest ingredients. Nou Indian and Vegan provides an array of authentic flavours, including go to favourites such butter chicken, vindaloo and vegetable samosas. Whether you're looking to add some Indian flavour to your lunch, looking for a take home dinner option or adding some flavour to your next event. 



Japanese cuisine has been greatly influenced by the food of other nations, but has been refined to create unique cooking styles and habits. The first food influence on Japan was China around 300 B.C., when the Japanese learnt how to cultivate and enjoy rice. From there they inherited the use of chopsticks and began the consumption of soy sauce, and soybean curb (tofu) that also originated from China. Rice & Mee and Wara Sushi are your go-to for all things Japanese. Fusing fresh Asian flavours into every bite, both restaurants serve up a healthy, balanced menu showcasing their best authentic cuisine from across the orient. With everything from steamed barbecue pork buns and vegetable spring rolls to the perfect sushi roll or Donburi - Rice & Mee and Wara Sushi are sure to satisfy your Japanese cravings. 



If someone were to ask you, “what is a classic American dish” what would you say? Burgers, fries - really anything fried and fast? What’s interesting about American food is actually how diverse it is. The United States has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all over the world and their food, holidays and even culture is very reflective of this. American food takes influence from Mexico, Italy, Spain, China, Japan and pretty much every other country in the world. Although the true authenticity of each dish is not necessarily kept, an inclusive food culture has been created as a tribute to the many people who now call themselves Americans. Luckily you don't have to travel across the world to enjoy world-famous American cuisine. Dive into a delightful chicken dish right here at KFC Brisbane City. The KFC secret recipe contains a careful mixture of 11 herbs and spices it took Colonel Sanders nine years to perfect. And while the recipe itself remains a secret, the word is definitely out on how irresistible it tastes.

For travellers, eating local foods and joining in with culinary traditions can be one of the best ways to immerse into a country, deepen knowledge and enrich experiences. If you can’t travel per say, make sure to indulge in different culinary cuisines daily to enrich your cultural knowledge. 
Experience the flavours of India at Nou Indian on the second floor, or immerse yourself in an Asian Fusion adventure at Rice & Mee or Wara Sushi. And on those days where simple is best, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Kentucky Fried Chicken from KFC. 
There is a world of flavours waiting to take you abroad for a moment at Macarthur Central. We’ll see you soon.

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