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Rice & Mee: Asian Fusion Brisbane City With Authentic Thai & Japanese Flavours With Modern Asian Flair.

Fresh, fabulous Asian Cuisine exploding with flavours – the ingredients that make Rice & Mee the best Thai & Japanese in Brisbane City.

Our menu is designed using the freshest seasonal produce, traditional Asian cuisine cooking methods and our passion is the ‘wow’ factor to every dish.

Infusing fresh Asian flavours into every bite, we serve up a healthy, balanced menu showcasing the best in authentic cuisine from across the orient. Enjoy a modern spin on authentic Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Malaysian cuisine for lunch and dinner in the heart of Brisbane CBD.

The steamed barbecue pork buns, steamed pork dim sims and vegetable spring rolls are the perfect Asian takeaway for a light meal or snack, as are the delicious and always popular Spicy Chicken Wings. 

So whether you are looking for the best Thai in Brisbane, or the best Japanese in Brisbane, or an Asian fusion of the best flavours and cuisine, Rice & Mee is your next destination for a healthy flavour filled meal.

Top down photo of a Japanese beef dish served with a side of rice
Top down photo of a Japanese teriyaki chicken dish served with a side of rice
Top down photo of a rice noodle laska dish

Asian Fusion Party Catering in Brisbane

If you think the best Thai in Brisbane, Rice & Mee, is the best takeaway option for a single person or family, just wait until you see the reaction you get when you order enough for a larger group!

Office party catering is available for delicious and hassle-free Asian Fusion cuisine that always manages to wow the crowd with its fresh, authentic taste. 

For the most fresh and flavourful Thai, Japanese, Malaysian and Chinese fusion food in Brisbane City visit Rice & Mee to be wowed by their huge range of authentic Asian dishes with a modern spin.

Top down photo of a teriyaki chicken dish served with rice
Top down photo of Chinese dim sim with a side of soy sauce

Best Asian Fusion in and around Brisbane

The steamed barbecue pork buns, steamed pork dim sim, vege spring rolls are the perfect Asian takeaway for a light meal or snack, as are the Spicy Chicken Wings. 


Rice dishesSMLLGE
Chinese BBQ Pork with Rice
Taiwanese Minced Pork and Egg with Rice$9.50$12.00
Japanese Beef with Rice
Rendang Beef with Rice
Steamed Chicken and Ginger Shallot with Rice$12.00$14.50
Malaysian Chicken Curry with Rice$11.00$13.50
Thai Green Curry with Rice$11.00$13.50
Thai Red Barramundi Curry with Rice
Teriyaki Chicken with Rice $10.00$12.50
Steamed Barramundi and Rice Ginger Shallot with Rice$12.00$16.50
Satay Crumbed Chicken + Rice$12.50$16.00

Mee / noodle soups
Prawn & Chicken Laksa Noodle Soup (GF option available)$16.00
Prawn & Pork Wonton Noodle Soup + BBQ Pork +$3 $16.00
Pork Dumpling Noodle Soup + BBQ Pork +$3$16.00
Penang (Har Mee) Prawn and BBQ Noodle Soup$16.00
Tom Yum Chicken Vermicelli Soup GF$14.00
Chinese Vege Noodle Soup $14.00
Spicy Beef Vermicelli Soup$16.50
Chinese BBQ Pork Noodle Soup$16.00

Veg Noodle Soup$13.00
Veg Laksa Noodle Soup $14.50
Veg Tom Yum Noodle Soup$13.00
Veg Malaysian Curry with Rice$13.00
Veg Thai Green Curry with Rice $13.00
Veg Thai Red Curry with Rice$13.00
Steamed Veg & Ginger Shallot with Rice $14.50

Side Dishes 
Gyoza Pan Fried Pork 2 pc$4.20
Gyoza Pan Fried Pork 4 pc$8.00
Gyoza Pan Fried Pork 6 pc$11.00
Gyoza Pan Fried Pork 8 pc$12.50
Gyoza Pan Fried Pork 12 pc$18.50
Gyoza Pan Fried Prawn 2pc $4.80
Gyoza Pan Fried Prawn 4pc $8.50
Gyoza Pan Fried Prawn 6pc $11.50
Gyoza Pan Fried Prawn 8pc $14.50
Gyoza Pan Fried Prawn 12pc $19.50
Dim Sim Steamed Pork 2 pc$4.20
Dim Sim Steamed Pork  4 pc$8.00
Dim Sim Steamed Pork  6 pc$11.00
Dim Sim Steamed Pork  8 pc$12.50
Spicy Chicken Drumstick 1pc   
Spicy Chicken Drumstick 2pc  
Spicy Chicken Drumstick 2pc 
Spicy Chicken Drumstick  3pc 
Spicy Chicken Drumstick  4pc 

Chinese BBQ Pork Bun 1pc$3.20
Chinese BBQ Pork Bun 2pc$6.00
Chinese BBQ Pork Bun 4pc$11.50
Vege Spring Rolls 1 pce$2.20
Vege Spring Rolls 3 pce$5.50
Vege Spring Rolls 4 pce$7.00
Vege Spring Rolls 6 pce$9.50

Taster Pack

Mixed Taster Pack

1x Gyoza Pan Fried Pork

1 x Gyoza Pan Fried Prawn

1 x Dim Sim Steamed Pork

1 x Spicy Chicken Drumstick

1 x Chinese BBQ Pork Bun

1 x Veg Spring Roll


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