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Delicious bubble milk tea, fruit smoothies, cream tops made to order.

Sharetea Australia is renowned for its unique Bubble Tea and making our drinks Bubblicious.

The MacArthur Central, Brisbane store is a place for Sharetea boba baes to hang out with friends and family while enjoying refreshing beverages in the heart of the Brisbane CBD right next to the Apple store. 


Sharetea Australia is all about sharing the love for freshly brewed bubble tea with its customers. Known for its premium milk teas, fruit teas, crushes, smoothies, bubble teas and more, and originally from Taiwan, Sharetea was established in Australia in 2012 and now has over 70 locations around the country. 

Sharetea Australia is also renowned for its unique new drinks - with innovation as the key driver - new flavours are regularly created to keep our BOBA loving customers coming back for more, over and over again!

Our Exciting Sharetea Menu

Sharetea's Drink Categories 

Milk Tea - Sharetea's milk teas come in a wide variety of flavours. From the premium bubble teas such as pearl milk tea, pudding pearl and herbal jelly milk tea to the large range of flavoured milk teas such matcha, watermelon, taro, coffee and more! You can customise your drink with our tea bases (Assam, Oolong, Jasmine Green & Earl Grey) and milk types (full-fat, soy, almond and skim) plus add all the toppings we are famous for such as flavoured pearls, popping pearls, jellies, pudding, creme top and more! 

Fruit Tea - Sharetea's fruit tea ranges are refreshingly delicious and the perfect on-the-go pick-me-up! With a wide range of fruity flavours including mango, lychee, peach, strawberry and passionfruit there is a little something for everyone. Perfect for those beautiful Queensland days!

Smoothies + Crushes - The perfect cooling drinks for our Aussie year-round warm weather, these refreshing drink ranges are sweet and come in every flavour you can imagine, from our refreshing fruity flavours to taro or chocolate thickshake styles. 

Yoghurt - Creamy and cultured, our Sharetea yoghurts are the perfect upgrade from your boring breakfast yoghurt and make a fantastic snack to finish off the day. With pearls, oats, berries and more, these yoghurt drinks are one of our customers favourites.

Tiger - This feisty flavour range is one of our most popular tea ranges with its gorgeous tiger stripes. We can guarantee it tastes as good as it looks. 

Natural Tea - For those boba baes who are a bit more traditional - our natural tea bases include: Assam, Jasmine Green, Oolong and Earl Grey tea handpicked from our own farms. Available in both cold and hot varieties.


Take a look at our delicious menu below, please note prices below are for a regular size or upsize to a large for $0.70 extra. Make it fun and add some toppings, there is plenty of toppings to choose from. 

Premium Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea   $5.50  
Mini Pearl Milk Tea $5.50
Herbal Jelly Roasted Milk Tea $5.50
Pudding Milk Tea $5.50
Red Bean Milk Tea $5.50
Lychee Jelly Milk Tea $5.50
Herbal Jelly Milk Tea $5.50
Chocolate Milk Tea $5.50
Honeydew Milk Tea $5.50
Lychee Milk Tea $5.50
Mango Milk Tea  $5.50
Matcha Milk Tea $5.50
Mixed Berry Milk Tea (Cold Only) $5.50
Okinawa Milk Tea  $5.50
Strawberry Milk Tea (Cold Only) $5.50
Thai Milk Tea $5.50
Taro Milk Tea $5.50
Watermelon Milk Tea  $5.50
Matcha Fresh Milk $5.50


Tiger Milk tea* $5.90
Tiger Fresh Milk* $5.90
Tiger Fresh Milk with Oreo* $5.90
Tiger Matcha* $5.90
Tiger Mixed Berry* $5.90
Tiger Strawberry $5.90
Tiger Mango* $5.90
Kiwifruit Green Tea $5.90
Passionfruit, Orange & Grapefruit Green Tea $5.90
Mango Passionfruit Green Tea $5.90
Orange Bliss Green Tea $5.90
Mixed Berrylicious Green Tea $5.90
Kiwi Lemon Blast Green Tea $5.90
Honey Lemon Aloe Vera $5.90


Assam Black Milk Tea $5.20
Jasmine Green Milk Tea $5.20
Oolong Milk Tea $5.20


 Create your tasty milk based Smoothie with any of these flavours 

Chocolate $5.90
Grapefruit $5.90
Honeydew $5.90
Lemon $5.90
Lychee $5.90
Mango $5.90
Mango Passionfruit $5.90
Matcha $5.90
Matcha Red Bean $5.90
Mixed Berry $5.90
Passionfruit $5.90
Peach $5.90
Strawberry $5.90
Taro $5.90
Watermelon $5.90
Watermelon Lychee $5.90


 Regular Size 

Grapefruit $5.30
Honeydew $5.30
Lemon $5.30
Lychee $5.30
Mango $5.30
Passionfruit  $5.30
Peach $5.30
Strawberry $5.30


Create your tasty crush with any of these flavours. 

Grapefruit $5.50
Honeydew $5.50
Lemon $5.50
Lychee $5.50
Mango Matcha Green Tea $5.50
Mango Passionfruit $5.50
Mango $5.50
Mixed Berry $5.50
Passionfruit $5.50
Peach $5.50
Strawberry $5.50
Taro $5.50
Watermelon $5.50
Watermelon Lychee $5.50

Natural Tea 

Assam Black Tea $5.00
Jasmine Green Tea $5.00
Oolong Tea $5.00

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Trading Hours


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10:00am - 5:00pm



Trading hours may vary on public holidays - please check directly with the store

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