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6 SNS Colours That Nail It This Winter

6 SNS Colours That Nail It This Winter


Before you submerge into sundry shades of blue, you might be thinking "What is SNS?". Well, with industry leader SNS (Signature Nail Systems), your beautiful-looking, odour-free nails are just three steps away! SNS is an unrivalled solution in pink and white dipping powder systems - it doesn't require UV light, hard chemicals or primer.

To achieve SNS nails, a brush-on gel base is first applied to the top of each nail, and then each nail is dipped into a special strengthening powder containing vitamin E and calcium, which makes your nails grow stronger and faster. Win-win!

Add the quintessential pop of colour to your winter wardrobe. Nail the optimal choice for every trendsetter as you brave the cold with an audacious blue, sure to enliven your spirits and shake those winter blues.

Nail it: 270, 332, 269, 349, EC4.


#simple and #fresh

Be the fairest of them all with the essential white polish from SNS Nails. Both daring and chić, white proves ever-flattering for all skin tones. Stand out this winter with the crazed companion, ideal for fashionistas, creatives and natural born leaders alike.

Nail it: 131.


Colour in winter with a pretty pastel from a wide range of alluring SNS tones. From the fashion world to your local furniture shop, it's no wonder everyone's obsessing over pastels! Whether your closet is filled with all black or bursting with colour, you're safe with pastels. Superlative on any occasion, this season's popular picks include pink, blue, green, purple and orange.

Nail it: 21, 22, 148, 171, 303, 331, BC4, SC07.



If you understood when Wednesday Addams said "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour", then you already know that black never goes out of fashion. You could be playing it safe or be incredibly dangerous, but that's the thing about black nail colour - it's magic. Brace yourself for the mystical nights ahead with this versatile, timeless and up-to-the-minute colour - forever a signature statement for the masses.

Nail it: 65, 72, 103, 251, DS25, DS8.



Sophisticated, snazzy and just fine like wine, red is the eternal epitome of class. Stay in vogue this winter with a soul-seducing red; either a deep or rich red, where wine-coloured reds, burgundy and maroon exhibit on-point. Both elegant and effervescent, red evinces one of the most primal picks this season.

Nail it: 23, 190, 227, 357, DS14, EC12, SC19.


Savefrom Uploaded by userCopyright issue36K+13Jill OrtonNaughty Nails <3

Neutrals are this season's answer to minimal-chić. Nude hues, beige tones and careful creams are your simple solution to staying in style this winter. Effortlessly tasteful with mass fashion appeal, these adaptable colours are smart, easy to blend and can be used to enhance any modish attire.

Nail it: 29, 121, 160, 161, 338, N1, N7.

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Nailed it!