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Manicures and Spa Pedicures at Liquid Nail Bar.

Nails that are healthy and strong are good. But nails that are healthy, strong and totally showcase your personality are downright exceptional. Exceptional nails are what you’ll get at Liquid Nail Bar, Brisbane’s newest addition to the industry that’s conveniently located in MacArthur Central Shopping Centre. Since everyone’s personality and taste are a shade different, for great nails Brisbane City, Liquid Nail Bar serves up a host of different colours, designs and professional nail salon services to suit them all.

No appointment? No problem

To help ensure you get the designer nails, manicure, pedicure or other nail services you want when you want it, walk-ins are always welcome. No appointment necessary. Our experienced team is at your service every day of the week, offering manicures, spa pedicures, acrylics, shellac polish, gel nails and SNS nails in Brisbane. You can also go for one of our Pamper Packages that includes a combination of nail services all rolled into a single session.

What Liquid Nail Bar Brisbane Can Do for You

Transform unsightly, broken or plain nails into a veritable work of art with our acrylics. Go for a full set of professional nails with options that include natural tips, French manicure tips, colour tips or glitter tips. You can also opt for shellac colour on a full set of acrylics or an acrylic overlays placed over your natural nails.

SNS Nails

As one of the hottest designer nail crazes, SNS nails involve a several-step process. A gel base is first applied to the nail, which is then dipped into a powder. Choose a pink or white powder for a natural look or French manicure, or go wild with an eye-catching colour. SNS nails are strong, striking and altogether sensational.

GEL Nails

Another fashionable nail option are gel nails, which consist of a three-step process that produces a long-lasting, glossy look. Our gel nail options include natural tips, permanent French tips, shellac colour, glitter tips and gel overlays which are applied atop your natural nails.

Shellac Polish

If your natural nails need a boost with buffing, shaping and polishing, our shellac polish option is the way to go for professional and designer nails. Opt for French tips, amazing colours. Choose a manicure, pedicure, or both. Our pedicures are available in both express and deluxe options.

Pamper Packages

Indulge yourself beyond the nails with pamper packages designed to leave your hands and feet happy and glam. Manicures and spa pedicures are available in the pamper package, which include extra services that leave your hands and feet soft, sweet and beautiful.


Our extras include nail repairs as well as the removal of acrylics, shellac or French polish. Here’s where you’ll also find our exquisite array of nail art and diamantes options.

Your nails say a lot about you, and services from Brisbane's Liquid Nail Bar can help ensure they always say "Wow." Book an appointment for your professional nails or simply stop by our nail salon in MacArthur Central Shopping Centre, Brisbane today for all your designer nail needs.


Full set of natural tips

From $55

Full set of French tips

From $60

Full set with shellac colour

From $70

Special shape (coffin, stilletto, pointy or almond)Extra $10
Extra long nailsFrom $10 
Full set ombre on natural tipsFrom $90
Full set ombre with tipsFrom $100

Acrylic overlay 

From $55

Acrylic refill with normal polish

From $40

Acrylic refills with shellac 

From $55

Removal onlyFrom $25
Removal and manicure/ shellac$65
Removal and redoExtra $5- $15

Major shape change

Extra $5-$10


Full set SNS 

From $55

Full set SNS with manicureFrom $70

Full set SNS with French tips

From $75

Full set SNS with tips


Special shape (coffin, stilletto, pointy or almond)Extra $10
Removal only From $25
Removal and redoExtra $5- $15
Removal and manicure/shellac$65
Extra long nailsFrom $10 
Major shape changeExtra $5 to $15


Full set overlay From 
Full set with tips From 


Buff, shape & polish hands


Buff, shape & polish feet




Spa pedicure


Manicure and spa pedicure


Removal only 

From $20

Removal and redo

Extra $5- $20



Spa Pedicure

Manicure & spa pedicure

Buff, shape & polish 



Nail repairs
$10-$30 each
French with shellac  
Extra $20 
Nail art

From $15


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