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When you think of Japanese food, you may automatically think of sushi. While you’ll certainly find a sensational selection of sushi at Hanaichi, you’ll also find the best range of Japanese, Brisbane City. Dive into a mouthwatering array of fine Japanese cuisine, including famous Japanese curry, udon noodle soup, don rice bowls, and the wildly popular ramen.

Each dish at Hanaichi is prepared with the finest ingredients and served up with Asian flair, giving customers a true taste of what Japanese food is really all about. Not only is the food fresh, delicious and fabulously priced, but Hanaichi is conveniently located in Brisbane’s MacArthur Central Shopping Centre.

Stop by today for the ultimate in Asian taste with the ultimate Japanese takeaway.


Japanese curry is popular enough in its native land to be considered a national dish, but you don't have to head overseas to enjoy it. It's right here in Brisbane at Hanaichi. In fact, Japanese curry with rice happens to be the restaurant's signature dish, featuring your choice of chicken or pork cascaded with the alluring sauce.


Udon consists of thick noodles that are as hearty as they are scrumptious. Hanaichi's udon noodle soup lets you choose a topping of prawn, chicken, pork or beef served atop the traditional thick-noodle soup.


If your tastes lean toward rice over noodles, don is the Japanese cuisine for you. These enticing rice bowls feature a variety of ingredients simmered together and served over rice. Hanaichi offers two versions of the dish: Katsu-don and Miso-don. Try them both for best results.


While you may have tried ramen at some point in your life, you haven't truly experienced the sheer joy of these thin, curly noodles until you've tried them from Hanaichi. Enjoy a generous portion of this traditional Japanese noodle soup with your choice of select toppings.

If you think sushi is all there is to Japanese food, prepare to be impressed because Hanaichi offers a range of authentic, fresh and tasty Japanese dishes at a very affordable price. Located in Macarthur Central Shopping Centre, Hanaichi delivers the best Japanese Brisbane City has to offer.


Japanese Curry with rice Japanese curry sauce with crispy fried chicken thigh fillet or pork loin cutlets served on top of rice. Our signature dish.
Yakiniku Beef with rice Japanese style seasoned shredded beef with “Yakiniku sauce” and mixed salad served on top of rice.
Katsudon with rice Crispy fried chicken thigh fillet/pork cutlets or Tempura prawn covered by cooked egg with special “Katsudon” sauce served on top of rice.
Udon noodle soup Japanese traditional thick style noodle in soup. Topping choices of Tempura prawn, Karaage chicken, Teriyaki chicken, Yakiniku beef, or *Kurobuta pork (*Berkshire pork, Available in limited shops).
Wagyu Beef Curry with rice Our special dark and hot beef curry sauce with Angus beef that stewed over a long time period. Please feel Angus Beef melts in your mouth.
Kay's Chicken Japanese fried battered chicken “Karaage”, mixed salad served on top of rice with Japanese special sweet sour sauce and Tar-tar sauce.
Teriyaki Chicken with rice Japanese grilled chicken thigh fillet with tasty teriyaki sauce served on top of rice.
Miso Don with rice Crispy fried chicken thigh fillet/pork cutlets on top of rice served with special “Miso sauce” and mixed salad.
Ramen noodle soup Japanese style egg noodle soup called “Ramen” famous in the world. Topping choices of * Kurobuta pork (*Berkshire pork, Available in limited shops), Karaage chicken, Teriyaki chicken, Yakiniku beef or Tempura prawn.
Cheesy Curry Gratin Savoury baked our Japanese curry meal with a lots of cheese. Choices of chicken or pork.

*Some of the products are not available in the store. We apologize any inconvenience caused.