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Paspaley’s quest is to discover the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world, and they do this in the Kimberley - one of the most pristine and remote locations on the planet. As pearling pioneers, Paspaley has dedicated over 80 years to the perfect pearl.  Behind the simplicity and beauty of a Paspaley Australian South Sea pearl is an adventure that began in the 1920s when Nicholas Paspaley, MBE, first collected mother-of-pearl shell in Australia’s northern waters. The family business he founded has evolved to become the world’s leading South Sea pearling company. 

Today, Paspaley nurtures its pearls on a remote network of farms stretching more than 2,500 km across the north-west coast of Australia. With its sophisticated fleet of pearl diving and operating ships, Paspaley is one of the few companies to still dive for wild pearl oysters. Paspaley’s innovative techniques are widely acknowledged as world’s best, positioning the name at the forefront of the pearling industry.