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APM Monaco

APM Monaco is much more than just a jewellery brand. It’s a fashion lover destination. An explosion of creativity. A slice of Monaco chic. It’s a family-owned company with a passionate desire to create every day everywhere jewellery pieces that make you feel beautiful and confident. It truly is the one stop shop for fashion jewellery Brisbane City.

And they most certainly do.

Influenced by Monaco and the South of France, APM Monaco is a much-loved contemporary fashion jewellery brand with a touch of Monegasque flair.

The range APM Monaco earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and customised bangles can’t help but provide a truly unique and fashionable vibe to every outfit they touch. Whether you’re looking for a playful pair of silver pop earrings, a statement-making ring, or a pave silver bangle that features your name, you’ll find just the right piece that captures your fancy and speaks to your soul.

How APM Monaco Was Born

Named after founder Ariane Prette and founded in 1982, APM Monaco first made its mark producing pieces for top names in the jewellery industry. After 30 years of developing and perfecting traditionally handcrafted jewellery, it was time for the brand to explode on the scene with its own unique designs.

The Prette family ventured into the design-focused jewellery business, maintaining Ariane’s legacy and vision. The family’s aim to not only make APM Monaco a household name, but one that is modern yet timeless and fits with current market trends.

Passion, Confidence and Flair

Walk into the APM Monaco Fashion Jewellery Brisbane City store at MacArthur Central, and you’re apt to be instantly enchanted by the brand’s unique and captivating pieces. Enjoy a selection of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and customised bangles as well as eye-catching T-shirts, shoes, brioches and jewellery boxes.

Each visit to APM Monaco is an adventure, one that takes you through Monaco and the South of France and into a world of modern luxurious jewellery.

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