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5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Live Longer

5 Ways to Make Your Clothes Live Longer


When it comes to delicates, in particular silk, lace lingerie and satin, you need to wash by hand. Using a machine will undoubtedly ruin the quality of such elegant fabrics, and leave you reaching for the tissues.

To best hand wash, all you need is mild detergent and an appropriate-sized bucket filled with lukewarm water. After allowing your garment to soak between 2 to 6 minutes, remove the garment and then rinse it in cold water. Ready to dry? Softly squeeze and lay that lovely piece out.


If you're a fan of stacks and letting your clothes pile up for two weeks, then it's time to get on it now! When you leave stuffed piles or stack clothes right to the top of shelves with insufficient space between dividers, you don't allow your garments to breathe and this, can actually cause odour. Yikes! So next time you need a little motivation to organise your clothes, just think about smelling not so fresh.


Not only does nailing the art of folding allow for an impressive wardrobe display, but it actually prolongs the life of your beloved clothes too. Correctly folding allows your clothes to better keep their form and breathe; a vital tool, especially for denim jeans.


While most fabrics can be machine washed, it's still important to take care doing so. Ensure you unbutton all garments, turn your machine-friendly bottoms inside out, apply a fabric softener where needed and most importantly, select the right setting for the right fabric, which would be the majority of your load; whites and delicates should always be washed separately.


It's simple: if you want it to last, you need to look after it. There are some fabrics, such as velvets, poly-blends and formal wear, that you must dry clean only. Spending that extra bit of money will give your garments the same value you initially paid for - something we'd all like to see!

Besides, if you're planning on stealing the show at the next event or looking sharp in a suit for work - we all know it's best to leave it to the professionals! And remember, it always pays to read the labels. So next time you purchase clothing, make sure you read those handy 'how to wash' instructions inside.

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Wear it well!