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Plus Dry Cleaners: Impeccable Dry Cleaning and So Much More

Clothing says a lot about a person. It also has an impact on how you act and feel. Clothes that are sharp, savvy and impeccably cleaned not only give off stylish vibes, but they can enhance feelings of confidence and poise. Keep that vibe alive by keeping your clothes in tip-top shape with services from Plus Dry Cleaners at MacArthur Central Shopping Centre.

Plus Dry Cleaners offers dry cleaning, along with so much more. Additional services include mending and alterations, washing and pressing of business shirts and garments, cleaning and mending services for wedding and formal wear, household items and furnishings, and leather and suede.

Many other options are available. If you have an item that could use a bit of sprucing up, contact Plus Dry Cleaners to see what they can do for you. You’ll find the Brisbane based dry cleaner on the Lower Ground floor of MacArthur Central, near Woolworths.

Suits and Business Shirts

With so many office buildings in and around Brisbane, dry cleaning for suits and business shirts are one of Plus Dry Cleaners’ most popular services. The shop consistently runs specials for keeping your suits and business shirts looking as good as new.

High-Value Garments and Furnishings

Plus Dry Cleaners’ has both the expertise and specialised equipment to professionally handle your most prized possessions with care. Whether it’s a beaded blouse, designer gown, antique furnishings or other high-value item, you’re putting your possessions in good hands with these experienced pros.

Home Laundry Services

Need to get your laundry done? Let Plus Dry Cleaners do it for you. The Brisbane shop offers a special service for washing and drying one week’s worth of home laundry in its professional facilities.

Call or stop by Plus Dry Cleaners today for your dry cleaning needs and so much more.


2 Piece Suit $28.00
Blouse $15.00
Cardigan $15.00
Coat $18.00
Dress - Basic $22.00
Jacket $18.00
Jumper $15.00
Pants $15.00
Parka $18.00
Scarf $10.00
Shawl $15.00
Shorts $10.00
Skirt - Basic $15.00
Tie $10.00
Trouser $15.00
Vest $10.00


Dress - Pleated $28.00
Dress - Short Evening $28.00
Kilt $28.00
Overalls $28.00
Overcoat $28.00
Shirt - Dress $10.00
Shirt - Ladies Business $10.00
Shirt - Ladies Business Wash + Press (Minimum of 5) $5.90
Shirt - Men's Business Dry Cleaned (Minimum of 5) $5.90
Shirt - Mens Business Wash + Press $3.90
Skirt - Evening $22.00
Special Service - Home Laundry ONE week service $39.95

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