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Relieve Stress with the Right Massage

12 Sep 2016

Relieve Stress with the Right Massage


If you can stand the heat then stay in the room, because we assure you - it's well worth the pressure. Hot Stone Massage is renowned for promising effective relief from muscular tension, relaxing the muscles and better enables you to refocus and centre yourself. Prior to your session, hot stones, usually basalt since they're able to better maintain the heat, are first sanitised and then heated in water between 120-150 degrees. During your session, these stones are used to massage your body while strategically placed along your spine. The heat sensation allows for greater blood flow.


Reflexology is especially advantageous for those who either spend extended periods of time in front of a computer or alternatively, those on their feet in a full-time retail or service position. This is because reflexology is designed to target particular pressure points, otherwise known as 'meridians', found within the hands, feet, ears, head, neck, legs, shoulders and back - specific areas which become more tiresome from certain jobs. This massage is available in various forms, so that you can choose the best type for meeting your needs. Reflexology is beneficial for mood elevation, deep relaxation, motivating the central nervous system for greater functionality and much more.


This massage is incredibly (if not the most) popular massage in Western culture, having been developed by the Swedish and today, is used as the basis for several kinds of massages, in particular aromatherapy and sports. Chances are if you've had a "plain" massage, then it's been Swedish. This type includes sweeping strokes, friction, muscle kneading, rhythmic tapping (think chopping) and is praised for its healing powers for both the body and mind. Benefits include relief from muscular pain and tension, an increased metabolism, deeper relaxation and improved blood circulation.


This massage incorporates unique massage techniques with the therapist using their feet, hands, knees and legs to assure sufficient pressure, while also placing your body into poses similar to what you'd experience in a yoga class. Thai massage is truly unique and now, you don't need to travel to Thailand to experience this stimulating and highly effective massage, because it's become so widespread. Whether your therapist walks on top of you or adds extra oils to further loosen your tense joints, you walk out feeling renewed with greater elasticity, more energy and in turn, a greater wellbeing.


It's fair to think of this alternative medicine as a detoxification process for your body, as its process proves remarkable. This massage involves the placement of special cups on top of the skin for at least a few minutes by way of performing suction, which works to fulfil a similar objective to that of a deep tissue massage. Cupping therapy dates back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient China and has been part of Middle Eastern cultures for a very long time. This massage type is still renowned for its manifold potential in improving blood flow, relaxation, easing pain and overall contributing to greater wellness. And today, cupping therapy forms a significant part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Combat stress and massage your way into a healthier life at MacArthur Central's Massage Indulgence, open 7 days a week on the Ground Floor, whom specialise in Chinese Acupressure, Reflexology, Chinese Oil Massage and Remedial Massage.

You know what they say...happiness is a massage!