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Biggest Holiday Perk: Calories Don't Count

05 Dec 2017

Biggest Holiday Perk: Calories Don't Count


Featuring a selection of Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and other Asian cuisines, FantAsia serves up a sensational array of savory options. And yes, catering your next corporate affair is definitely on the menu. Catering packages run the gamut from delightful dumpling platters to individual boxes packed with an assortment of the most popular Asian dishes.

Vietnamese Wrap and Rolls

What do you get when you combine Lemongrass Beef and Roast Duck Rice Paper Rolls? One scrumptious corporate platter. And those are just two of the options on the menu at Vietnamese Wrap and Rolls. Additional delicacies include rice paper rolls stuffed with roasted pork belly or BBQ chicken, along with a selection of buns and banh mi.

LR Sushi

If your office staff has a penchant for sushi, LR Sushi has a lineup that’ll make staff members swoon. This gourmet sushi shop offers some of the finest fare in the city, with a stunning array of tasty choices. Options include crispy chicken, fresh salmon, lobster salad, edamame, sweet chili prawn or vegetarian rolls – just to name a few.


As the Brisbane CBD’s only full-line supermarket, Woolworths is at your service for all sorts of tempting treats. The fresh deli platters rank high on the list for corporate functions, offering options that include meat-lover wraps, vegetarian wraps, or a Mediterranean delight for snacking on the side.


Whether you're surprising your staff with an enticing lunch or catering a full-fledged office party, a corporate platter from MacArthur Central can make your holidays delicious. And since calories don’t count, feel free to indulge as often as you wish all season long.