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Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Reflexology

06 Oct 2017

Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Reflexology


The specific areas on the feet are known as reflex or reflexology points, and your feet have 86 of them. Each reflexology point corresponds to specific glands, organs and other bodily areas. Reflexology points near the tips of the toes, for example, relate to the sinuses.

The idea behind reflexology is that stimulating the reflexology points on your feet improves blood supply, energy flow and nerve activity in the corresponding areas, helping to restore the body to its natural state of balance.


When your body is in its natural state of balance, it’s best able to function as the amazing, self-healing machine it was designed to be. Overall good health and well-being are general benefits of reflexology, and the practice can also help alleviate specific issues, such as allergies, back pain, digestion problems, injuries, and stress. Reflexology is not only able to help alleviate the symptoms, but it may also correct the cause.


Reflexology techniques involve the thumb, which is used to apply pressure to the sole of the foot. The thumb can be used to apply pressure to a specific point that corresponds with a painful or problematic bodily area, with the pressure typically held for at least 30 seconds and repeated until the pain subsides.

Toe rotations may be included in a reflexology session, as may pressing both thumbs on the heel and sliding them to the edge of the foot. Additional techniques include loosening the foot with a back and forth motion and rotating the foot with the thumb applying pressure to a specific point.

One more benefit of reflexology is its overall convenience. All you need to do is remove your shoes and socks then lie back and relax. Head to Brisbane's Massage Indulgence and you can relax with a host of reflexology options. Go for reflexology on its own, or combine it with a much-needed massage of the neck, shoulders, head, back or legs. Book an appointment or stop by Massage Indulgence today, on the ground floor of MacArthur Central Shopping Centre.