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Asian Takeaway Food at MacArthur Central

13 Oct 2017

When you’re craving Asian cuisine, you don’t have to head to the Orient to find it. A luscious lineup of Asian takeaway is right here in Brisbane at MacArthur Central Shopping Centre. Check out the a few of the highlights from our enticing Asian food selection, which you can enjoy any day of the week.

Vietnamese Wrap & Roll

When Vietnamese street food is on your mind, you can quickly sate the urge at Vietnamese Wrap and Rolls. The authentically delicious lineup here includes all the big-time crowd-pleasers, such as banh mi, which translates to “bread and meat” and is also known as a Vietnamese sandwich or pork roll.

Rice paper rolls are also on the menu, featuring vegetarian, pork, chicken and roasted duck options. And no Vietnamese street foodlineup would be complete without bao buns, ball-shaped buns stuffed with your choice of chicken, pork, duck or lemongrass beef.

LR Sushi

When you think of Japanese food, you think of sushi. Transform those thoughts in to a delectable reality with gourmet sushi from LR Sushi. Billed as having the best sushi in Brisbane, LR Sushi serves up captivating choices that make a great takeaway snack or entire meal. Swing by to see why this sushi takeaway place is always packed.


When your thoughts of Japanese food extend beyond sushi, Hanaichi serves up a magnificent menu packed with Japanese cuisine. One of the most popular dishes by far is the ramen, a scrumptious Japanese noodle soup bursting with healthy ingredients and flavour.


An array of appetising Asian cuisine at affordable prices is the claim to fame of FantAsia, which offers 13 different meals from seven different Asian countries. Whether you go for Chinese takeaway or Malaysian food, all dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and whipped up from scratch. Top picks from this mouth-watering stop include the delicious dumplings, particularly the Japanese gyoza, which is a slightly smaller and lighter take on traditional Chinese dumplings. Don't forget to grab a half-dozen or so of an all-time-favourite: pork buns.

Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, gyoza, bao – or a wide range of other Asian takeaway – Brisbane’s MacArthur Central is one of the tastiest places to find it.