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Your Table Spread This Spring

03 Oct 2016

Your Table Spread This Spring

'TIS THE SEASON... design just however you like! Before you sort the servingware, it helps to first choose a colour scheme or a certain theme. This will motivate your other tableware bits and pieces to easily fall into place, as complementary to your vision. If you're dealing with a gorgeous rustic, mahogany wood table, then it's best to leave that baby bare! Tables made from statement materials, like wood or marble are designed to be shown off, but if your table is quite basic, then having the right cloth can make all the difference!


When organising your layout, the ultimate spread is incomplete without the perfect array of assorted sizes. Regardless of prepping for a three-course meal or just a light lunch, counterbalancing differently shaped bowls and plates proves visually appetising. And the great news? When you shop at retailers like Big W, they stock the same design in several sizes to make achieving this assortment near effortless.


There's always the right cup for the right occasion; the wine glass for dinner, the red cup for the frat party, the cocktail glass for by the pool or the tea cup for the afternoon delight. Whichever the event, make sure you're cup-ready! Now that you've decided the scheme, the servingware, cutlery and hopefully table centrepiece (if you'd like to have one), then selecting the cups should be easy breezy!


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Like salt and pepper, bread and butter and Romeo and Juliet, your table needs a queen; in this case, some super fine seating! Your table may now be stunning, inviting and absolutely divine, but how you keep your guests comfortably seated, of course comes down to the chairs you have. And sometimes, ensuring this content is as easy as just adding a House & Home Seat Pad to keep that tush extra cush!


For the final finish if you don't have a background drop, tastefully decorate the wall behind or near your dining table for adding a warm touch. If you're a believer of self-affirmation, then you'll find beautiful canvas-printed mantras are just what your home needs, or on the flipside, an abstract oversized painting will do the trick.

At MacArthur Central's Big W, open 7 days a week, you can create the perfect dining experience without breaking the bank. Choose from a delectable range of dinnerware, servingware and various home essentials sure to complete your lovely interior.

It's true, home is where the heart is!