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Heart & Sole: Why it Pays to Save Your Shoes

10 Oct 2016

Heart & Sole: Why it Pays to Save Your Shoes

1. How did Heel & Sole Man begin?

I was working within the shoe repair industry with an international company. I was disillusioned with where my future was going so I went out on my own to create HEEL & SOLE MAN, which I started back in 1997. Today, we have 3 company owned outlets and 3 franchised outlets.

2. What is it about the shoe industry that interests you most?

The fact of being able to repair a customer’s favourite pair of shoes, so that they can live another day.

3. What does it mean to have "good" shoe care?

Good shoe care means swapping your shoes regularly, maintaining their condition by using the correct shoe care products and repairing them as soon as you notice a problem.

4. Why is it important to fix your heels?

It's important to fix your heels in order to prevent them from wearing to different heights, which can both change and damage a person's posture. By doing so, you're also able to maintain a good walking technique.

5. When's the right time for someone to bring in their shoes?

In some cases, the materials the manufacturer has used means that you may need to have some anti-slip products applied to the heel and sole as soon as you've purchased them. And in most cases, you should not allow the wear of your heels to damage the heel blocks.

6. What are the major benefits of having a shoe polish?

If you wear a particular pair of shoes often, then you should polish them at least once a week. For smooth leather shoes, you'll need at least a leather conditioner or renovating polish/cream. And for suede or nubuck shoes, we need to brush the nap of the leather so the hair does not flatten out. We should also treat all of our shoes with a waterproof spray to help protect and reduce the risk of staining them.

7. What does customer service mean to you?

Customer service means to us what our motto is: “Service is the creation and maintenance of customer goodwill”.

8. In your own words, what sets your store apart?

We are all qualified tradespeople with the old-fashioned traditions, and we offer some of the best products on the market. If we can’t help with the repairs, we will put our customers onto the people that may be able to help.

9. Remarkably, you guarantee all of your workmanship unconditionally for a 12 month period. Can you please explain what this guarantee includes?

Our Guarantee is all about our workmanship, not the tear and wear of a product. Everybody walks differently, therefore the wear will be different. We guarantee we use the correct methods and techniques for the application of the products.

10. Are there any takeaway tips you give your customers?

We all have multiple styles of shoes in our wardrobes, so being comfortable within ourselves is important for a healthy mind. Don’t create landfill, repair them instead.

Head over heels for your shoes? Ensure a longer-lasting life or repair the damaged with the right service by the right people at MacArthur Central's one stop shoe shop, Heel & Sole Man, open 6 days a week, located on the Lower Ground.

Remember, heart and sole!