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Boost Your Summer Bod Now

31 Oct 2016

Boost Your Summer Bod Now


For Refreshing Your Insides.

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When ordered in small or medium size, this great not-so-sweet escape is remarkably less than 200 calories. Grapes, the main ingredient in this thirst-quencher, are packed with highly beneficial antioxidants including flavonoids, while offering an apt source of dietary fibre. The Grape Escape contains grape, pineapple, spinach, banana and coconut water.


For Getting Your Fruit & Veg Fast.

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For most, consuming an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables can be tough. Lucky for us both, 'Veggie Garden' proves a fast, tasty way to help you get there - as if you picked the ingredients from a garden yourself! Straight from Boost's Fresh Juice Bar, this popular pick is made with cucumber, celery, spinach, orange, carrot and chia seeds.


For Braving Through A Long Week.

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If you work long hours, weekends or stay up late most nights, then the Weekend Warrior was made for you. For those who don't celebrate the term 'TGIF', this is one protein-packed delicacy you'll be cheering for. Throwing banana, whey protein, oats, blueberries, dates, chia and coconut water into the mix, this provides the perfect boost for lifting your energy levels, while keeping your stomach full.


For Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth.

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If you love strawberries, now you can drink the love out of them with Boost's berry good 'Strawberry Squeeze'. This sweet concoction embodies strawberries, banana, TD4 strawberry yoghurt and apple juice. Strawberries, which are remarkably rich in antioxidants and contain several nutrients, minerals and vitamins, are highly beneficial for a healthier immune system, better eye health and reduced blood pressure.


For Making You Smile.

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If you need a pick-me-up, something to refresh your system or just make you smile, then 'Passion Mango' is sure to do the trick. This nutritious-delicious smoothie proves your ultimate summer hit, irresistibly complete with mango, passionfruit, TD4 mango yoghurt, sorbet and tropical juice. In addition to boosting your immune system, mangoes are renowned for aiding digestion, clearer skin and alkalising the body.

Fancy something else? Choose from the ultimate collection at MacArthur Central's Boost Juice, open 6 days a week, where menu ranges include 'Calorie Counters', 'Fresh Juice Bar', 'Protein & Energy', 'Boosters' and so much more.