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We Have the Best Cheap Eats Brisbane CBD Has to Offer!

30 Nov 2019

If you’re looking for the best cheap eats Brisbane CBD has to offer, you will love our great selection of affordable and diverse lunch options! Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and more!

Are You Searching for the Tastiest Cheap Eats in Brisbane CBD?

Sitting at your desk with hunger pains? Just head on down to MacArthur Central and make the most of our great selection of cheap eats! Whether you need a quick on-the-go lunch to squeeze in between meetings or have some time to take a leisurely break in our food court, our fast and affordable options are sure to satisfy your cravings!

Some of our delicious Brisbane CBD cheap eats options include:



If you love a diverse selection of Asian flavours, Fantasia is the lunch spot for you! Their menu features fresh produce, traditional cooking methods and plenty of delicious authentic Asian flavour that is guaranteed to satisfy. Fantasia offers Asian fusion dishes, inspired by dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and China. Their menu includes tasty items like lemongrass chicken, gyoza, Tokyo beef and more. Whether you want a quick snack or a filling meal, these cheap eats are sure to please! 

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Craving Japanese food, but don’t feel like sushi? Hanaichi specialises in a range of Japanese dishes that are made with healthy, authentic and fresh ingredients. Their menu features a wide range of options, including Japanese curry, udon noodle coup, don rice bowls and ramen. If you are looking for a quick, affordable and tasty Japanese lunch that isn’t sushi, Hanaichi is your best bet.

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K.Bap is the city’s newest Korean takeaway restaurant, and your new favourite spot for cheap eats. K.Bap’s menu features a range of Korean favourites, including Kimchi fried rice, noodles, Bi Bim Bap and Cub Bap with toppings like marinated beef (bulgogi), spicy pork (jeyook), soy chicken, kimchi pancake and more. These dishes feature salted, seasoned and fermented vegetables and Korean-style meats that are absolutely delicious. 

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Yellow Saigon


If you are looking for a Vietnamese lunch spot with plenty of options, Yellow Saigon is the place for you! With a range of delicious and healthy options including salad bowls, pho, chicken broth soups, rice dishes - and the crowd favourite, Bahn mi - this restaurant is sure to please! Yellow Saigon’s cheap eats are authentic, fresh and delicious. 

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Love Roll Sushi & Poke


Love Roll is one of the best places to get sushi in Brisbane. With a huge selection of fresh sushi, as well as nori tacos and poke bowls, you will not be disappointed with these Brisbane CBD cheap eats. Love Roll is credited with having the best ingredients, the widest selection and the best prices of any sushi shop in the CBD. Come and visit this lunch spot today, and try their delicious range for yourself!

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Come and Visit MacArthur Central Today for the Best Cheap Eats in Brisbane CBD!

We have the best cheap eats Brisbane CBD has to offer. Come and visit us in-store today, and get rid of those hunger pangs with a delicious and healthy meal! 

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