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Your Office Guide To An Epic Christmas Party

07 Nov 2016

Your Office Guide To An Epic Christmas Party


A breakfast this big is bound to be the most important meal of the day. Gather round and feast in high spirits with a catered big breakfast from Jamaica Blue, where the choices are bountiful. The 'Jamaica Blue Big Breakfast' proves the ultimate selection with eggs, bacon, roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, hash brown, sausage and toast, while the 'Vegetarian Breakfast' boasts grilled haloumi, roasted tomato, mushrooms and pesto on toast. With such a wide range to choose from, you're sure to please both the savoury and sweet fans.


Chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit platters, yoghurt and nut assortments, oh my! With the Top Juice Catering Order Form, you'll give Marie Antoinette a run for her money! Arranged to impress, just select a few items and the work is done! For example, combine a fresh fruit-packed 'Corporate Gift Basket', 'Premium Chocolate Dipped Strawberries' and a 'Regular Luxury Nut Assortment', and you've just achieved one smart brunch - ideal for large groups. Arranged with only the finest, fresh ingredients and beautifully displayed for fine presentation, Top Juice's nutritious and delicious catering options will have your guests smiling from the inside out!


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Nacho your average party, but guess what? It's party time! For a Mexican feed even the health conscious can enjoy, salsa over to MacArthur's Mexican Kitchen, Cabina Cocina, where menu ranges include 'Starters', 'Nachos' (Gluten Free), 'Torta', 'Quesadillas' (Gluten Free), 'Salads', 'Burritos', 'Tacos' (Gluten-Free), the famous 'Mexican Party' and so much more scrumptiousness. This is one hot feed they're sure to say '¡Ole!' to. After all, who says no to a burrito?!


At Sumo Salad, salad is not a side - it's the main course. With their remarkable range finessing some of the most creative salads your tastebuds will ever meet, there should be no shortage of satisfaction. There's no need to compromise on taste when you eat healthy, and Sumo Salad is testament to that. Sumo Salad's Catering For The Home Or Office 'No Fuss' packages include Salad Platter options 'The Healthy Mexican', 'Sesame Crumbed Chicken', 'Lentil & Tabbouleh' and more, Wrap Platter favourites 'Chicken Caesar', 'Pumpkin & Walnut' and Cold Pressed Juices.

To start checking things off, complete your wishlist at MacArthur Central Shopping Centre Brisbane, open everyday, located on the corner of Queen and Edward Streets.