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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

03 Nov 2015

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You


1. The Heart Cut

You’ve found love and you’re not hiding from it. The heart cut embodies a classic love heart-shaped diamond secured by a setting with a silver prong at each of its three points. Move over Romeo, because this die-hard romantic is here until death do us part. That’s right, you’re all about the pride and there’s no shying away from how much you and your significant other love to love one another.

2. The Radiant Cut

Unique beauty is what you see. A rare kind, the radiant cut mixes the attraction of the round brilliant cut with a square shape and trimmed corners resulting in a truly fancy diamond cut with 70 facets on average. The radiant cut resonates the work of its creator, perfectionist Henry Grossbard, who made this cut in the mid 70’s and like its creation; it displays nothing but pure beauty and excellence. You’re a hybrid of beauty, and a rare kind at its best.

3. The Royal Asscher Cut

You’re level-headed and on trend, though you esteem vintage pieces and cherish heirlooms for what they represent. The asscher cut was made over a century ago, and is comprised of a distinctive yet subtle squared body, which creates the illusion of being an octagon due to its stunning facets that strongly sparkle. This antique cut is for the chic and passionate, and poses an assured charm particularly enchanting for old-fashioned lovers.


4. The Pear Cut

You’re a humble individual. This renowned choice serves its title as it’s a diamond simply cut into the shape of a pear or teardrop and when its point is worn facing upwards, it makes the wearer’s finger appear longer. The pear cut is a timeless selection ideal for someone who’s both grounded and adventurous. The wearer of this ring is someone with ambition who’s always looking to encourage greater things for both themselves and those they care about.


5. The Round Brilliant Cut

A most popular choice, the classic round brilliant cut emanates tradition and elegance. You’re the conventional type, an admirer of routine with all-white and rose petals. But being conventional doesn’t mean having plain taste because you sure know how to sparkle, and with a stunning 58 facets, this round brilliant cut agrees with you!


6. The Princess Cut

A natural-born leader yet gracious, you inherently command the spotlight. You’re vivacious and a true go-getter unafraid of shining. This dazzling square stone is complete with four pointed corners and usually has 76 facets, and thanks to its sophisticated cut, it’s especially flattering for those with long hands. Like the round brilliant cut, the princess cut is a popular pick ideal for those wanting to fashionably overstep the traditional.

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