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Keep Fit With A Conscience: 6 Eco-Friendly Fabrics

18 Nov 2015

Promoting environmental sustainability, UK sports label, Carrot Banana Peach, continue to reign throughout the yoga community worldwide for their innovative, eco-powered and nature-driven yoga gear and clothing. Now available in Australia at Macarthur Central, you too can keep fit with a conscience with their stylish and authentic eco yoga range made purely from natural and organic materials, where each piece is specially designed with care for the environment, for pleasant wear on your skin and to have you equipped for high performance. Here, six popular, beneficial and skin-lovin’ eco-friendly fabrics to choose from.

1. Bamboo.

With the potential to grow as high as 1.21 metres each day, Bamboo proves the fastest-growing woody plant in the world and evidently, highly advantageous for yoga wear as well. Carrot Banana Peach uniquely combine bamboo and organic cotton in order to create a superior stretchable fabric from a sustainable process, which ensures the functional benefits of bamboo are attained. Biodegradable with natural antibacterial properties, this fabric is soft, sturdy and complete with great breathability.

2. Banana

Packed with fibre, this pure golden goodness has more recently been discovered for its potential in making an ecologically conscious and prosperous silk-like fabric. Following a banana harvest, Carrot Banana Peach collect the remnants, which are raw materials, often derived from the stems of bananas and excess tree stocks that are then stripped into small fibre strands and turned into a yarn. This eco-friendly fabric is silky smooth, strong and is celebrated for its superior resistance.

3. Poplin

Take the weight off your shoulders as you workout wearing this organic cotton poplin, specially designed to keep the heat away. This lightweight fabric dries quickly, demonstrates greater breathability in comparison to any other woven cotton, and efficiently absorbs moisture from our bodies in order to prevent excess sweat.

4. Milkdal

Offering a bio-based alternative to synthetic, Milkdal is a delicate and smooth fabric packed with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and acts as a natural thermal regulator for keeping your body heat under control even throughout high intensity workouts. Carrot Banana Peach blend a protein fibre with sustainable fibres from the wood pulp of beechwood trees that are then spun into a yarn, and the results are magnificent. This quick drying, hypo allergenic and anti-stink fabric contains amino acids, is anti-shrinkage and anti-fading, breathable and absorbs moisture, ready for adventure when you are.

5. Soybean

Remarkably stretchable and soft, Soybean fabric is lightweight, quick drying, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and UV-resistant. It's a competent by-product made from a pharmaceutical process where the bean's oil is transformed into a fibre, which preserves the bean's nutritious proteins. This breathable soybean material also absorbs moisture, resists wrinkles, holds amino acids and is anti-fading with an opulent shine.

6. Aloe Vera

Boasting ultra comfort, this eco-friendly fabric offers one of the softest touches your skin is yet to experience. Both practical and versatile, aloe vera fabric can either be worn as a separate staple or alternatively, as a breathable under garment. This aloe vera material embodies hypoallergenic properties, and is both UV resistant and lightweight.

To view the full range of sustainable fibres, each exceptional for performance, health, comfort and for making our environment greener, visit Carrot Banana Peach.