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Mitch & Co: Your Next Coffee Stop

17 May 2016

Mitch & Co: Your Next Coffee Stop

The Bread

From France to a cafe near you, former owner of Simpatico, Mitch Thompson, introduces his latest establishment 'Mitch & Co.' - a bakery, patisserie and espresso bar. Bread is supplied by renowned industry leader Bridor-de-France, whom continue to commit themselves to the deliverance of exceptional breads and viennoiserie (think puff pastry) where they are esteemed for their total use of butter; the magic ingredient. In true French style, Bridor's flour is free of additives and improvers while their authentic flavour, taste and texture is the beautiful aftermath of their unique making process: partial baking on a real stone floored oven, slow kneading, gradual and even lamination and long resting times. With the end product as delicious as it looks, let's just say you won't only feast your eyes on Mitch & Co.'s display - but you'll be sure to ravish your order too!

The Coffee

If you haven't already, you need to jump on the bandwagon because Campos Coffee is truly a roast like no other. Making its debut as an Australian speciality coffee in just 2002, Campos Coffee is now available for your full enjoyment at selected cafes like Mitch & Co. Having just as much passion as they do commitment to both the product and the coffee experience, it's no wonder Campos Coffee is well regarded as one of the most reputable in the industry. Campos Coffee continue to flourish as they source the utmost coffee grades from various countries where the finest Global Producers include: Roberto Achicue - Colombia, Las Macadamias - Guatemala, Several - Kenya, Hacienda La Esmeralda - Panama and many more.

With Bridor-de-France bread, Campos Coffee, eloquent outdoor seating and a picturesque display, you're sure to feel right where you belong at Mitch & Co. Feeling hungry? Kickstart your day and really hit the spot with breakfast favourites like the fresh avocado and chicken baguette or the rustic ham and cheese croissant. If you're in a hurry, fear not because takeaway lunch is available. You can also look out for daily specials or enquire about their catering.

Bon appétit!