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Bitcoin ATM Basics: How to Use It, Why You'll Love It

15 Jun 2018

Maybe you're already using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but wished you had a more convenient way to make transactions. Or perhaps you've steered clear of cryptocurrency in general because you think the concept is too confusing or difficult. Either way, you can now integrate cryptocurrency into your daily life with the bitcoin ATM at MacArthur Central Shopping Centre

Top Bitcoin ATM Benefits

Installed in March 2018, the MacArthur Central bitcoin ATM is part of an AUSCOIN Group plan to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream. The machine, which is located in the shopping centre's food court, lets you:

  • Buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies to and from Australian dollars.
  • Easily access a bitcoin ATM in Brisbane that has multiple functionalities and a convenient location in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.
  • Become familiar with AUSCOIN, the cryptocurrency introduced by the AUSCOIN Group that more than 100 Australian retailers have already expressed interest in accepting as a preferred method of payment.

How to Use the Bitcoin ATM

With a straightforward, user-friendly interface, the bitcoin ATM works similar to other ATMs with which folks are already familiar.

Steps include:

  • Choosing your desired transaction, whether it's buying, selling or exchanging bitcoins or other cryptocurrency.
  • Selecting the amount of the transaction you want to complete on the bitcoin ATM.
  • Providing identification and/or confirming existing cryptocurrency accounts (like bitcoin wallet) if prompted for certain transactions.

Steps on the AUSCOIN Group bitcoin ATM may vary a bit, depending on the exact transaction you choose. A step-by-step menu will help guide you through your desired transaction.

What Else You Need to Know

With the plan to roll out more than 1,000 bitcoin ATMs throughout Australia, the AUSCOIN Group is committed to taking cryptocurrency to the next level. It aims to make cryptocurrency as accessible as and even more convenient than other payment methods currently in use.

Check out the bitcoin ATM at the MacArthur Central food court today.