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Get Rid of the Winter Blues with These Perfect Winter Meals from MacArthur Central!

31 Jul 2019

Are you looking for perfect winter meals to get you through the cold months ahead? MacArthur Central is home to a range of warm, comforting and delicious dining options!


What do you think of when you imagine the perfect winter meal? Something steamy, comforting, savoury and delicious? Perhaps a bowl of udon noodles with a savoury and nourishing broth. Or, maybe a perfectly filling bowl of rice, curry and crumbed chicken. 

Whatever winter meal you’re dreaming of, MacArthur Central food court is full of restaurants with menus that are guaranteed to make you feel warm, comforted and satisfied! Just some of our favourite winter restaurants include:



If you want a winter meal that is fresh, healthy and full of flavour, FantAsia is the ultimate choice. The menu is made with fresh seasonal produce, secret ingredients and traditional cooking methods. With authentic Asian flavours from across the orient (including Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and a range of Chinese provinces), there is a dish for everyone. Some winter favourites include gyoza, Tokyo beef and lemongrass chicken! 



Japanese food has delicious umami flavour that is extra comforting in winter. At Hanaichi, you can enjoy a delicious selection of Japanese dishes including curry, udon noodle soup, don rice bowls and, of course, ramen. These dishes are made from high-quality ingredients and contain traditional flavours. Hanaichi’s motto is "Serve the Best," so you can expect your meal to be healthy, affordable and delicious!



If you want the ultimate winter comfort meal, you can’t go past KFC’s fried chicken! Whether you go for a classic bucket of fried chicken with your favourite sides (mash and gravy, anyone?), a burger or a twister, KFC’s options are unbeatable when it comes to flavour and cost. The great thing about KFC in Australia is that all the ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible.

Yellow Saigon


Another perfect winter meal is Vietnamese Pho - a soup consisting of clear broth, rice noodles, herbs, spices and meat (or vegetarian protein). MacArthur Central restaurant Yellow Saigon provides a range of boldly-flavoured Vietnamese dishes, including rice dishes, Bahn Mi, salad bowls and Pho with beef, chicken or vegan options.



K-Bap is our brand new Korean food joint. With signature dishes including rice bowls and noodle soup with a range of delicious toppings like marinated beef, spicy pork, soy chicken, kimchi pancake and more, K-Bap offers fast and authentic options that are perfect for your winter lunch or dinner. 


MacArthur Central is located on Queens Street in the middle of Brisbane CBD. Come and stop by and find the perfect winter meal for you! Don’t forget we also have our Korean restaurant K-Bap opening soon!