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Walk This Way: What Your Shoes Say About You

Walk This Way: What Your Shoes Say About You

1. The Sneaker

You Are: The Go-Getter

High intensity is where you're at, and you wouldn't have it any other way. Productive, courageous and constantly on the move, you can't remember what it's like to be "bored". You live for your dreams and you work hard to turn them into reality, which of course includes wearing a fresh pair of kicks along the way.

2. The Ballet Flat

You Are: The Practical Gem

Lovely and lively, you exude a certain warmth which others find gracefully attractive. Organised, charming and friendly, you opt for a shoe that offers incredible comfort because you prefer to feel at ease; a feeling that allows for your great sense of humour and kindred spirit to humbly emanate.

3. The Stiletto

You Are: The Power Player

Bold, daring and unafraid of change, you keep your best fashion foot forward. Your feminine yet sassy heels are much like your manifold nature - witty, alluring and affirmative. You naturally demand the spotlight and steal the lead, all without giving anyone a single chance to doubt your potential.

4. The Sandal

You Are: The Easy Rider

Smooth sailing, free spirited and easy to get along with, you yearn for the outdoors and reminisce over your European summers. Whether your favourite sandal is the Birkenstock, T-bar, Saltwater or Gladiator, your attitude proves universal; you believe in simplifying a problem when it occurs because basically, “there’s so much out there”. And of course, you’d rather focus your energy exploring life’s natural treasures.

5. The Loafer

You Are: The Creative Chaser

Sharp, dedicated and a fond supporter of writing to-do lists, you’re just on top of it. You keep up to date with the latest in trends where you prefer a minimalist style above all. You combine your creative edge with your willingness to get the project done, and make frequent handwritten notes in your diary – because you’re old school cool like that.

6. The Boot

You Are: The Game Changer

Strong-minded and proactively versatile, you are the impressive chameleon. You exercise great willpower and by doing so, you naturally understand how to bring light to any dark situation. And since those boots were made for walking, it should go unsaid that one of these days, those boots might walk all over them.

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