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Chinese New Year 2020: 3 Celebratory Tips

23 Jan 2020

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 with our traditional lion dance on January 25th or follow our three celebratory tips to ensure prosperity and good luck in the new year.

The Chinese New Year 2020, or the Lunar New Year is celebrated on Saturday, January 25th 2020. Chinese New Year is a time for celebration, family reunion and gift-giving. This holiday is celebrated all over the world, with festivities and traditions apparent throughout different cultures. At 1 pm on January 25th, head to MacArthur Central to experience our very own Lunar New Year Lion Dance to bring good luck and fortune to those present. 

To help you celebrate the Chinese New Year 2020, we’ve combined some of the most popular Lunar New Year traditions with tips to help you celebrate the festival this year!

1. Eat Dumplings!

Food is an essential part of any celebration! Eating dumplings is a must-do Chinese New Year activity as they represent harmony, wealth and reunion in Chinese culture. Don’t have the time to cook for yourself? Get your dumpling needs catered for with Fantasia’s catering packages for groups, or opt for our favourite menu item, Dumpling Noodle Soup. These delicious dumplings are filled with pork, Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots, making it a must-have tasty dish for Chinese New Year 2020 celebrations.

2. Clean your Home

Every year leading up to Chinese New Year, Chinese people carry out a thorough ‘winter-cleaning’ of their homes. By putting away old things, and ensuring a clean environment, they are ready to welcome in the New Year. This cleaning tradition is often referred to as “sweeping away the dust,” and is only performed in the lead up to the Lunar New Year as it is seen as bad luck to sweep on Chinese New Year day or the days following. Clean your closet or furniture and bring in fresh starts for Chinese New Year 2020 with Plus Dry Cleaners Brisbane City. Or for all your house cleaning needs, shop at Big W for those essential house organising items. 

3. Reunion Dinner and Drinks

Being surrounded by family is the most significant element of the Chinese New Year. Regardless of the distance of travel, family members gather and reunite with their family. This is time for plentiful food and drinks shared amid each other's company. Expect to see fish for prosperity, spring rolls for wealth, longevity noodles for happiness and longevity and fruits such as oranges and tangerines for good luck and fortune. To prepare for Chinese New Year 2020, shop all your favourite food at Woolworths, and be sure to invite your family over for a feast. 

Of course, for the celebratory measure, with food, there must be alcohol. Shop all your Chinese New Year 2020 beverage needs at BWS MacArthur Central, choose your favourite beverage or opt for traditional Chinese beer such as Tsingtao Beer, available online or in-store. 

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 properly this year with the help of MacArthur Central Shopping Center. Be sure to visit us at 1 pm on January 25 to see our traditional lion dance, performed to bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year. Find alternative stores or opening hours here or get in touch if you have any queries about our Chinese New Year festivities.