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New Summer Drinks at MacArthur Central

23 Jan 2019

When the weather is hot and mean, you need a summer drink that’s cool and keen. Enjoy instant refreshment with a selection of new summer drink options from various shops at MacArthur Central Shopping Centre.

Jamaica Blue: Icy, Nicey Lineup

Jamaica Blue is known for using the finest quality coffee beans, and the local café does double duty as a hot location for cool summer drinks. The icy, nicey beverage lineup includes icy cold coffee, chocolate or chai blends, along with handcrafted sodas, invigorating shakes and fruit smoothies.

KFC: $1 Freeze

What’s better that a deliciously cold and refreshing drink? How about a cold and refreshing drink for $1. That’s what you get at KFC, thanks to the fabulous Freeze options. Beat the heat for a buck with three enticing options:

  • Pepsi Freeze

  • Mountain Dew Freeze

  • Mountain Dew Citrus Splash Freeze

Boost Juice: Komboostcha Kombucha

The shop’s new Komboostcha range features a trio of seriously refreshing summer fruit fusions. All contain the main ingredient of organic Amplify Kombucha combined with your choice of enticing fruits. You can’t go wrong with any of them:

  • Watermelon Lychee Komboostcha

  • Mango Orange Pash Komboostcha

  • Berry Lemon Komboostcha

Hurry, they are only here until the 28th January 2019.

Top Juice: New Summer Flavours

Hop on over to MacArthur Central’s Top Juice for a taste of the shop’s new summer drink flavours. Options in the new fresh summer range include pomegranate, guava, kale and lychee. Can’t decide which one to try? Summer’s still kicking. You have time to try them all.

BWS: Crafters Union Wines

Spend a summer picnic or evening winding down with Crafters Union Wines from BWS. These utterly delicious wrapped wines come in varieties that include pinot gris, rosé, saugvignon blanc, red blend and shiraz. Choose from bottles or cans – or both.

With so many summer drink options on the menus at MacArthur Central, you can enjoy everything from a nicey, icy beverage to a $1 Freeze any day of the week. Quench your thirst with a new summer drink today.