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Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Guide: For Him & Her

03 Feb 2020

Struggling to find a Valentine’s Day gift? Follow our Valentine’s Day gift guide for the perfect gift your significant other is sure to love.

Valentine’s Day 2020 Gift Guide: For Him & Her

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching this year, you might feel stumped for what to gift your significant other. Whether you plan to head out to your favourite restaurant or spend the night relaxing at home, spending quality time together is the ultimate Valentine's Day celebration. If you’re wanting to spoil your significant other this February 14th, we’ve got you covered with some great and functional Valentines Day gifts, for both him and her. Follow our Valentine’s Day gift guide for the perfect gift your significant other is sure to love. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

1. Hugo Boss Cologne 


Let’s face it, everyone loves to smell great. Ideal for the modern man, cologne makes a functional yet personal gift. Search for a scent that he favours, whether it be earthy and woody, or fresh and citrusy, and a 200mL bottle will serve him for the months to come. Hugo Boss MacArthur Central has a variety of colognes on hand, welcoming you to find the perfect scent for a classic Valentine’s Day gift. 

2. Apple AirPods Pro


AirPods are a fantastic gift, especially if your partner is always using his phone. The new release Apple AirPods feature a customisable fit as well as active noise cancellation, making it possible for him to focus on those extra important phone calls. It’s a useful gift that he’s sure to value! Personalise this gift with Apple Brisbane City’s free engraving service and make your Valentine’s day gift something truly special.

3. DJI Mavic Mini Drone


If your man loves the outdoors, why not shop a new release DJI Mavic Mini Drone at JB Hi-Fi Brisbane City. This product features a Gimbal 2.7K Camera for simplified recording and editing of scenic aerial photos and videos. Enjoy extended flight time and less charging time, with up to 30 minutes of flight time on a full battery. The DJI Mavic Mini Drone’s lightweight and portable size allows for easy transportation to any outdoor adventure! Enjoy this gift together for an exciting day out.

4. Decanter


If your man has a taste for fine alcohol, whether it be whiskey or wine, why not shop the glassware to match. This Waterford London Round Decanter is a beautiful addition to display in the household whilst also being a functional gift used to aerate wine. By allowing the wine to breathe, the wine’s aromas and flavours are released which create a complex difference in the taste of the wine. Visit Hardy Brothers | Jewellery Store Brisbane City to find the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

1. Jewellery Box 


A jewellery box is ideal for organising and separating different items of jewellery. If your significant other is a passionate jewellery wearer, give her the gift of ease of mind knowing that her jewellery collection is safe, protected and in one spot. Shop jewellery boxes of varied sizes at Hardy Brothers | Jewellery Store Brisbane City to find the gift that perfectly suits her needs.

2. Google Home


Give the gift of ease and simplicity this Valentines Day with a Google Home or Google Home Mini, available at JB Hi-Fi Brisbane City. Google Home allows for hands-free help from any room of your home thanks to far-field microphones. Quickly find out information about the weather, news, sports and more. Set your morning alarm, play music, hear your travel itinerary and gather more information you need for your day, without lifting a muscle. This makes the ideal gift for the women on the go! By giving her a Google voice assistant, you’ll save her time and energy, allowing her day to go by smoothly. 

3. Watch 


You can’t go wrong with a sleekly designed, classic timepiece that complements her personal style and taste. Shop the range of watches at Hugo Boss MacArthur Central to find the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s day. If your significant other holds less focus on style, and more on health and fitness, instead opt for an Apple Watch from the Apple Store, MacArthur Central or a Fitbit from JBHiFi, MacArthur Central. 

4. Apple iPad


Gift her a creative device with an iPad from Apple Brisbane City. With many different sizes and models to choose from, there’s one that will perfectly suit her lifestyle and needs. The Apple iPad features a simple touch-screen interface and an unlimited number to apps available for use. The iPad also supports a smart keyboard as well as Apple Pencil, allowing you the flexibility to complete any task with ease. It also supports stereo speakers and a 10.2-inch retina display for the perfect home theatre. Spend your Valentine’s Day at home watching a romantic movie on your new iPad from Apple Brisbane City.

Valentine’s Day Gift to Share

Chocolate Strawberries - Top Juice


Chocolate strawberries are the perfect romantic gift you can enjoy together. Spend the night in and indulge in an assortment of white, milk or dark chocolate-coated strawberries. Otherwise, visit Top Juice Brisbane City to browse a selection of seasonally fresh and healthy treats. 

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