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4 Delightful Drinks You MUST Try at MacArthur Central

24 Aug 2018

MacArthur Central is the place to go for all kinds of goodies in Brisbane, and those goodies definitely include a lineup of delightful drinks and spectacular smoothies. Check out the top four you must try, like, now.

Boost Juice – Peanut Butter Smoothies

The Boost Juice philosophy revolves around healthy, happy living, and the two definitely meet with the juice bar’s lineup of peanut butter smoothies. Choose from two, nut-packed options:

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Top Juice – Pink Dragon Smoothie

If the brightly enchanting colour doesn’t lure to the Pink Dragon smoothie from Top Juice, the tantalising taste certainly will. This sensational vegan smoothie has a silky smooth texture, a fabulously fruity taste and the claim to fame of being dairy free. It also contains the exotic, benefit-packed dragon fruit.

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Jamaica Blue – Banana Smoothie

Known for its fine coffee and great-tasting, healthy foods, Jamaica Blue can easily add another claim to fame to its list: the Banana Smoothie. Sip the sensationally smooth and creamy concoction that contains banana, full cream, milk, water, ice cream, honey and cinnamon.

KFC - Mint Krusher

KFC does more than serve up spectacular chicken. It also serves up a marvelous Mint Krusher that takes minty goodness to a whole new level. This drink features a dreamy blend of crushed ice combined with chewy, chunky bits aswirl in a mint chocolate base.

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Next time you want a snack, healthy boost, or delectable treat, head to MacArthur Central for one of these truly delightful drinks.