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5 Signs It's Time To Check Your Eyes

23 Aug 2016

5 Signs It's Time To Check Your Eyes


If hydration isn't the solution to your headaches, then glasses may be. Often, most people will wonder if they're drinking enough water, but sometimes having headaches is the aftermath of eye strain. In more cases than not, headaches indicate difficulty seeing objects up close as the cornea struggles to maintain lens focus. Due to this, eye strain results as the smaller eye muscles are forced to work harder.


Whether you feel tenderness, fatigue, strain, nausea or a certain pressure behind the eyes, you need to have your eyes tested immediately. An eye test will establish your vision as either nearsighted or farsighted and whether or not, you are capable of both. In this day and age, a vast majority of eye tests are taken due to the above symptoms, which are often found as the cause of overtime spent in front of devices. In particular, if you hold an office job, then taking frequent breaks and dimming the screen is advised.


If you wake to feel a sensitivity to light as soon as the sunshine hits or otherwise, find it hard to adjust from bright to dark light, then this generally signifies your eye muscles have weakened. Because with the help of its muscles, the iris contracts and expands in order to adjust at ease. But if you experience sensitivity, this potentially indicates issues with your vision. Also, it's important to note that sleep deprivation can worsen this.


Poor night vision, typically referred to as 'faded night vision' is more custom with old age. As we age, the amount of light that enters the retina gradually decreases, while the pupils dilate and shrink far less. This is incredibly dangerous when driving, as a person with faded night vision will see just as if they were wearing sunglasses. Though rare, faded night vision can happen at any age, so an inability to see clearly at night definitely demands an eye examination as soon as possible. This could also be a warning for early cataracts.


Seeing double (when sober) or wavy is a severe issue, and means you need urgent medical attention. Double vision could possibly be the cause of cataracts, and signifies your eye cornea or muscles are affected. Where straight lines appear distorted and colours faded, this wavy vision signals the likely macular deterioration or degeneration of the retina, which proves a leading cause in losing eyesight. Enduring double or wavy vision is not something to sleep on or postpone attention, you need to act immediately.

If you experience any of these, then don't wait any longer! For the peace of mind you need, have your eyes examined at MacArthur Central's OPSM, located on the Ground Floor, where you'll find a luxury range of stylish specs, or alternatively, have a professional eye examination at MacArthur's Big W Vision, where eye tests are bulk-billed to Medicare.

Eye think it's time!