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How To Plan The Perfect Egg Hunt

04 Apr 2017

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to get the festivities hoppin'. Here, 6 simple ways to ensure an epic egg hunt.


For most families, the easter weekend is jam-packed with events, so it's important to plan the date of your egg hunt in advance. Figure out which day will best coincide with the rest of your schedule, and let your guests know ahead of time.


First thing's first, organise baskets for your hunters. When it comes to celebrating, there's no such thing as "over-decorating". Embellish these baskets with ribbons and stickers, adorn the halls with streamers and bunny cut outs, and place toy bunnies around the house for later gifting each guest.

And for the little ones, an Easter-themed colouring station works wonders. Include hand-written messages as cool clues, leave arrow signs and when needed, hint your hunters with subtle hand gestures to keep the mystery moving.


Whether it's for your immediate family or for an extended group with friends, make sure you know the age of each hunter. Plan intricate places for the adults, while reserving the simple spots for the young children.


It's essential to set boundaries, especially depending on the type of space you have, to ensure everyone's safety. Prior to the hunt, prevent any potential hazards by cleaning the premises and removing any objects that could cause trips, falls or the awkward "ah, that's not an egg - it's rubbish" type of commentary.


It's Easter, so chocolate is a sure thing. But who doesn't love a prize?! Mix up your hunt by adding a few small prizes, such as small chick toys, a deck of playing cards, party glasses and other novelty gift ideas, which won't be costly.


Beware, there will be expert hunters. Some love to hunt and others are just naturals at finders-keepers, so whatever the case - it pays to have a spare bunch of eggs. And to make certain each person gets an equal share, particularly in larger groups, it's also wise to count how many eggs have been found along the way.

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Let the hunt begin!