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Your Fast Guide To How A Naturopath Can Help Your Health

13 Apr 2016

Your Fast Guide To How A Naturopath Can Help Your Health

What are the main benefits of seeing a naturopath over a doctor?

Both are very different and each has their benefits, and one does not necessarily take the place of the other. Though ultimately, a lot of our modern day illnesses such as Type II diabetes, obesity, anxiety and problems sleeping, can be lessened with dietary and lifestyle modifications. Seeing a naturopath can help with the prevention of illness rooted in these particular areas, as well as provide a natural alternative, which also works harmoniously with allopath medicine in easing symptoms of chronic conditions.

Do I need to be sick to see a naturopath?

Definitely not. But for most people, there are certain areas in their health and life that they feel needs a bit of work. Again, diet and sleep are huge areas here. Naturopaths can assist with nutritional planning for whatever your goals are, including weight loss, sports nutrition, pregnancy and preconception support or planning.

I've never been to a naturopath. What should I expect from a consultation? 

Traditionally, the first consult in Naturopathy is the most in depth. Here, we take a full and thorough medical history, investigate your diet and lifestyle and sometimes, we may use Naturopathic diagnostics such as iridology and a tongue or nail analysis. From there we establish which goals you aim to achieve from treatment, and then we assess what action needs to be taken first.

What do you specialise in? 

I have a particular interest in women’s health, specifically stress and mental health. I'm also a herb-fanatic and I adore the use of liquid herbal medicines in treatment, as I find they produce spectacular results. I love them because a herbal mix especially, can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual. MacArthur Central Priceline Pharmacy is one of the only pharmacies in the CBD that offer liquid herbal dispensing in treatment. Additionally, we have a large range of practitioner herbs and vitamins, which are kept behind the counter. 

To start your journey into naturopathy, boost your health and wellbeing at MacArthur Central Priceline Pharmacy, open 7 days a week, where you'll find the latest skincare range available.