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Luscious Lashes Coming Your Way

27 Apr 2016

Luscious Lashes Coming Your Way

What's this all about?

After much hype and demand, Australia's leading beauty salon franchise Brazilian Beauty, are proud to introduce their innovative Lash Lift, a new and improved Lash Perm, which offers clients a safe, pain-free, faster and relaxing treatment for achieving fuller, longer lashes. Suitable for all eyelash types.

How is this achieved? 

This revolutionary and easy process does not use extensions or heat, instead it lifts and moulds your natural eye lashes from the root using specially shaped flexible silicon pads, and is then finished with a luscious lash tint.

Why is Lash Lift so special?

Your typical eyelash perm can consist of messy rods which cause the eye lashes to crumple and fizzle, but Lash Lift, which is not only simple and pain-free, does no such thing. Instead, as a result you attain beautiful, longer natural-looking eye lashes with a strong curl and full volume for more 'open' looking eyes - all without hurting your lashes or disrupting their growth. Win-win!

How long does a Lash Lift treatment take?

Relax within a calming environment and get comfortable as your treatment is complete in near under an hour.

How long will it last? 

Results may slightly vary depending on the individual's rate of hair growth and personal beauty routine, but on average, Lash Lift lasts between 6-8 weeks. To maintain your gorgeous lashes, it's highly recommended that you book a treatment between every 6-8 weeks.

Ready for luscious lashes? 

Book an appointment and head in-store to MacArthur Central's beauty haven, Brazilian Beauty, open from Monday to Saturday, and naturally enhance the beauty of your eyes!

And that's not all, wink your way into an extensive range of services at Brazilian Beauty, including the latest Dermal Face Lift treatment, performed by professional therapists to ensure only the best for you!