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Japanese Cuisine: Fish Served Five Ways

Japanese Cuisine: Fish Served Five Ways



Eat fish, live longer? By both popular belief and scientific research, the Japanese esteem fish for its power to maintain a healthy heart and radiant-looking skin. Steaming fish is incredibly beneficial for your health, as it retains the natural flavour and provides a rich source of protein with fewer calories. Win-win!

2. RAW.


Raw fish is often what comes to mind when the word 'sushi' is heard. As part of Japanese Cuisine, a portion of rice is typically served beneath or on the side of raw fish. This Japanese specialty has grown on a global scale where it's widely consumed as a healthy option (especially if you avoid the soy sauce and other extras); providing a great low-fat source of protein packed with essential Omega-3 fatty acids.



Not only is fish extra nutritious, but when you grill it - it's also incredibly delicious! Grilled fish is a popular menu option throughout takeaway and dine-in restaurants alike, which is often selected over the fried option; an ideal choice for the health-conscious.



Poaching food is broadly recognised as one of the healthiest cooking methods. This tender process is less familiar, because it's in fact, special. It takes more time to prepare poached fish than any other method on this list; mainly because little heat is used.



If you love your fish and chips, it's safe to assume you also love your fish fried. For some Japanese dishes, specifically Tempura Prawn Udon (pictured), the fish is fried to warm your palate. Though tempting, this is one of the least nutritious ways to eat fish. But fear not, there's always treat day!

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