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Taste of the World Special Offers

Taste of the World Special Offers

MacArthur Central foodies are bringing the tastes of the world to you. Enjoy the aromas and delicious flavours of India, Malaysia, China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea with a special offer to tantalise your taste buds and experience the flavours of the world. 

Nou Indian 

Butter Chick and Rice $6.90
Vegan Masala Dosa* $6.90


Rice & Mee 

Chicken Laska Noodle Soup $10.00
Japanese Beef (small) $6.50
Teriyaji Chicken (small) $6.00

Rice-Mee-Laska.JPG Rice-Mee-Japanese-Beef.JPGRice-Mee-Teriyaki-Chicken.JPG

Love Roll Sishi & Poke

Chicken Katsu Curry $7.50
Karrage Chicken $7.50

See instore for details, only available whilsts stocks last.