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Flavours of the World

Flavours of the World

Delight your taste buds during September and October with food and drinks from Vietnam, Japan, China, India, Taiwan and the USA!

Eat your way through the flavours of the world at MacArthur Central with our tasty special offers for $10 or less, including:

Rice & Mee                               Small Teriyaki $6.00
Nou Indian                                Butter Chicken & Rice $6.90
Yellow Saigon                           Grilled Meatball Banh Mi $6.20
Rice & Mee                               Small Japanese Beef* $6.50
Yellow Saigon                           Chicken with basil & Cashew nut* $9.50
Nou Indian                                Vegan Masala Dosa* $6.90
Love Roll Sushi & Poke            Chicken Katsu Curry $7.50
Rice & Mee                               Chicken Laska Noodle Soup* $10
Love Roll Sushi + Poke             Karaage Chicken $7.50

Don't forget to colletct your special offers booklet, that includes savings towards your next mouth watering meal. 

See in store for details only available whilst stocks last. Items can be substituted if unavailable