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What Your Earrings Say About You

05 Sep 2016

What Your Earrings Say About You


You are: The Boss Lady

Jennifer Lopez looking incredible on the red carpet! Who was best dressed? #goldenglobes2016 #redcarpet #jlo

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Unafraid of standing out, stealing the show and leading a crowd, you are a true boss lady. Whether rocking your hoops for business in a blazer or unleashing your inner 80s goddess with a sequin dress, you know what you want and where you're headed.


You are: The Classic

Classic style – visit us in store to see our stunning collection of pearl jewellery. #hardybrothers #akoyapearl

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Graceful, elegant and having an eye for vintage treasures, you are the all-time classic. You cherish minimalism because it's subtle yet sill attractive; a distinct appeal you highly value. Pearls, just like diamond studs, will always be timeless.


You Are: The Beach Babe

You may be stuck at the office for most of the year, but your heart remains by the ocean. Dreaming of Monaco, yearning for weekend getaways and walking on sunshine is where your mindset is. Focused while also adventurous, you're one of a beachy-keen kind.


You Are: The Free Spirit

An independent thinker, daring spirit and urban dweller, you opt for the in-between because you're open to new experiences and appreciate culture. Your open mind and warm nature prove just like your choice in jewellery; both eccentric and delectable.


You Are: The Dazzler

You don't compromise on glamour, and it when it comes to diamonds...they really are your best friend. You inherently demand attention while your sparkle turn heads; you adore the high life and all the allure that comes with that - plus a martini here and there.

For all you gems, you'll be bejewelled at MacArthur Central's jewellery havens Hardy Brothers and Wallace Bishop, both open 7 days a week on the Ground Floor, where you'll find just what you need to let your charm emanate from inside out!

Time to shine!