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The Perfect Sunglasses To Frame Your Face

19 Sep 2016

The Perfect Sunglasses To Frame Your Face


Your Best Bet: The Rectangle

Out of all the face types, yours is probably the most versatile. Oval-shaped faces can pretty much work almost any sunglass frame, but since creating balance is desirable - rectangle sunglasses are the better fit. They beautifully flatter your well-defined features including those gorgeous cheekbones, and provide a lovely horizontal counterbalance.


Your Best Bet: The Aviator

Your choice in sunglasses should be the same as your facial features - bold. Having strong features is a beautiful thing, and it's definitely something you can play to your advantage. Whether your key feature is your jawline, nose or forehead, the aviator is the perfect frame for showing who's in charge, while strikingly complementing your face.


You Are: The Oversized

If your face best fits the heart-shape profile, then the oversized frame certainly offers a look you can fall in love with. Generally speaking, your goal is to make your face appear longer and by wearing this frame, you manage to refocus attention from the top of your face to the bottom half, which in turn, achieves this illusion. Retro shades are also ideal.


You Are: The Cat Eye

Rounder faces tend to embody finer features where wearing a daring, more distinct frame like the cat eye proves perfect for making the length of your face appear narrower, by way of establishing greater balance. With this opulent-chic frame, devious meets delightful and the darling cross in-between further helps to neutralise your facial contours, while you attain the best of both worlds.

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