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Why Celery Juice is the Hottest Health Trend Around

20 Mar 2019

Why Celery Juice is the Hottest Health Trend Around

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice?

Celery juice benefits are notable, based on the vitamins in celery alone. High in vitamin C and vitamin K, the juice can contribute to a healthy immune system, as well as good bone and heart health.

Health benefits of celery juice also include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties that can help with bloating, acne, constipation and other inflammatory conditions
  • Blood pressure regulation, thanks to celery’s potassium, phthalides and magnesium and high water content
  • Liver detoxification and protection, due to phytonutrients
  • Healthy heart, which includes the reduction of plaque in arteries and stroke prevention
  • Nervous system support, due to the juice's ability to detox and work as a blood purifier

Is it Safe to Drink Celery Juice Every Day?

You bet! In addition to bringing on the health benefits noted above, a daily dose of celery juice can gradually restore your digestive system to optimum functioning. There are suppliments you can take that are just as good as the real thing metagenics metagenics and othoplex have a wide range of vitamins that are good for your wellbeing.

What Happens When You Drink Celery Juice Every Day?

Low levels of stomach acid can bring on issues such as indigestion and acid reflux, disrupting your digestive system and leaving you unable to fully digest food and absorb nutrients.

Drinking celery juice daily gives you a regular dose of celery’s beneficial minerals and mineral salts known to help with digestion and nutrient absorption. Keep up the habit, and adequate levels of stomach acid may eventually be restored.

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