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MacArthur Barbers - 2019 Men’s Haircut Trends

27 Jun 2019

Guys looking for the coolest men’s haircuts need look no farther than MacArthur Barbers. The shop’s amazing staff is not only well-versed in the latest hairstyles for men, but they’re creative and skilled enough to help you create a unique look of your very own. Best of all, the shop's haircuts cost $32.50.

Check out the hottest men’s haircuts 2019 for inspiration, then move forward adding your own personal touches with help from the MacArthur Barbers crew.

Hottest Men’s Haircuts 2019: The Fade

One men’s haircut that keeps popping to the top of the style list is known as the fade. The fade haircut involves longer hair on the top, which gets progressively shorter as you move down toward the bottom of the head. The gradual decrease in length is what gives it the fading effect.

Variations of the fade haircut include:

  • High fade haircut: This dramatic cut starts the fading process high on the head, with the hair length decreasing from high on the sides and back of the head all the way down the neck.
  • Low fade haircut: The low fade men’s haircut is less dramatic than the high fade. The hair starts the tapering lower on the head, typically right above the ears.
  • Skin fade, bald fade: This type of fade haircut tapers the hair right into the skin, which means the shortest area of the cut near the bottom of the head has no hair at all.

2019 Hairstyles for Men: The Undercut

Similar to the fade, the undercut features short hair around the back and sides of the head, with longer hair on top. The hair on top is typically all one length, allowing for a range of dramatic styles. The longer hair on top can be slicked back or styled into a comb over, pompadour, quiff or textured, messy look.

Due to their versatility, both the fade and the undercut can be personalised into dozens of different styles. Get your own unique men's haircut for $32.50 at MacArthur Barbers today.