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8 Types of Manicures You Must Try Now

01 Jun 2018

8 Types of Manicures You Must Try Now


Imagine a flurry of different colors captured in shimmering glitter. That’s what you get with a holographic manicure, a sparkly, splashy way to make a statement that can't be ignored.


Glitter nails by themselves tend to turn heads. Combine the glitter with super-long, super-sharp stiletto claws and your nails will have the power to actually make heads spin!


Even a sliver of silver can glam up an outfit. Now think what a full set of silver nails done up in shiny shellac and sparkly silver can do.


If silver’s simply not shiny enough for you, by all means go for a chrome manicure. Choose traditional chrome to outshine your guy's motorcycle, or amp up the chrome with delicious hints of colour.


Just because something’s not shiny doesn’t mean it falls flat. Proof is in the manicure when you go for matte nails in greys, browns, or olive green.


Capture the mysteries of the universe – right on your nails – with a glorious galaxy manicure. The dark background peppered with sparkling highlights leaves you seeing stars for days.


Ombre made headlines with colour gradient hair, and now it’s doing the same with nailsOmbre manicures blend a lighter colour with a darker one for a devastatingly amazing look.

If you think these eight manicures look fab online, just wait until you check them out in person at Liquid Nail Bar. No appointment necessary, just the desire to showcase nails that truly speak for themselves.