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5 Vietnamese Foods You Need To Know

26 Jul 2016

5 Vietnamese Foods You Need To Know

1. Banh Mì

Banh Mi, also called 'Banh Mi Thit', which translates as 'bread and meat', is one Vietnamese sandwich you'll remember (and go back for again, and again). Especially renowned for its delicious crusty bread roll, this is light and fluffy on the inside, along with a creamy yellow paste, a mixture of appetising meats, soy fillings and Asian herbs. Whether you're on a lunch run or after a healthy treat, Banh Mi proves your nutritious-delicious go-to every time.

2. Bao

Formally named 'Banh Bao' to mean 'wrapping cake', this ball-shaped bun looks just as its translation suggests - but mini-sized. Viet Wrap & Rolls offer a ridiculously tasty modernised version made from your main choice of meat, mayo or hoisin sauce, a slice of cucumber and mixed veggies, where you can buy any 3 for only $7.90. Menu options include: BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pork (Char Xiu), Roasted Pork Belly, Crispy Roast Duck and Lemongrass Beef.

3. Gỏi Cuốn (Rice Paper Rolls)

Chances are you like rice paper rolls, and you cannot lie. Vietnamese spring roll, Gỏi Cuốn, is an ever popular Vietnamese dish, and If you like sushi but are trying to cut back on cubs, then opt for a rice paper roll instead. This way, you feel like you're eating a sushi roll, but without the rice. At Viet Wrap & Rolls, each spring roll consists of veggies and your choice of meat, where options include lemongrass beef, grilled pork and homemade (secret recipe) spicy chicken, which results in a more modernised taste, however still keeping the authentic ingredients. Widely consumed throughout Vietnam and Westernised cultures, Gỏi Cuốn proves the ideal healthy snack, or at Viet Wrap & Roll, you can grab any 3 for $7.90 and that's one lighter lunch you can appreciate!

4. Cơm (Rice)

Cơm, which means 'cooked rice', is the staple ingredient in a variety of main meals. Featured as a separate section in traditional Vietnamese cuisine, each cooked rice dish will be served alongside your choice of meat and salad. For example, at Viet Wrap & Roll, each Cơm dish features cooked rice, a mixed salad and your choice of meat: BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pork, Roasted Pork Belly, Crispy Roast Duck, Lemongrass Beef or Grilled Pork Spicy Chicken.

5. Bún (Rice Vermicelli)

At Viet Wrap & Rolls, each dish will usually contain cucumber, pickled carrots and white radish, lettuce, vermicelli, mint, rice paper with your main choice of meat, which could be Crispy Pork Belly, Lemongrass Beef or Crispy Roast Duck for example.

Now that you're drooling and know all about it, experience the real deal at MacArthur Central's Viet Wrap & Roll, open 7 days a week on the Lower Ground, where you can either choose from a set menu or any of the tasty above.

Roll on!