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The Tech Head Guide to What Your Gadget Says About You

30 Jan 2016

The Tech Head Guide to What Your Gadget Says About You

1. Apple TV

You're playing high roller in the world of smart TVs, you're a devout Apple user and a proud tech snob - and for good reason, because tvOS certainly proves an impressive and highly valuable operating system. Using an Apple TV is like experiencing a magnification of your iPad or iPhone where all your favourite apps are now on your big screen and right at your fingertips - all for a familiar user experience, only now from your couch. We might not know where the popcorn is, but we do know you can buy one of these here.

2. Sphero BB-8

If you're either a tech head, a Star Wars fan or both then you've hit the jackpot because "this is the droid you're looking for"…that's right, there's a BB-8 Droid on the market thanks to Sphero and it could be yours to own from JB Hi-Fi. It's a bit of no-brainer that you're most likely a loud Star Wars fan convinced the force is with you and finally, now you have a droid to share that with. Sphero's BB-8 app-enabled Droid boasts a remarkably authentic personality and movement driven by your compatible smart device, where the BB-8 performs unique responses and even holographic communication.

3. Apple Watch

If we were to humanise watches, a chronograph would expect some serious letters apologising for the betrayal on behalf of all Apple Watch wearers. And we imagine this "letter" would read something like this...

Dear chronograph, I apologise for my cheating ways but I've been seduced against my will by its digital beauty, its beaming light and it's ability to connect with me in ways that you simply could not imagine. I'm able to keep on top of everyday errands, to stay notified and aware, to have wrist control over my synced devices and to even perform voice commands…actions you would never be capable of. What we had was nice while it lasted but now I see myself as needing to grow, so it's time for me to wholeheartedly immerse myself and I know you deserve better.


4. FitBit…

…for the self declared gym junkie. You like high intensity, being on the run and keeping your life organised, and that's why you wear a FitBit. You work hard to make the most of every workout, you integrate exercise as part of your daily routine and you strive to improve your results each time. The FitBit serves as the perfect cross between a watch and a fitness record in providing you with a digital display and overview of your workouts.

5. Bose SoundLink Speakers

You know what they say…if the music's too loud, you're too old! And in your case, the party has just begun. Pump up the beats, connect to your smart device via Bluetooth and amplify your favourite tunes with both the clarity and frequency you deserve for an unshakable performance. These compact yet powerful SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speakers from Bose weigh less than a kilo, while delivering an exceptional sound with up to eight hours of unplugged freedom thanks to their rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

6. iPad mini

Fashionista meets smart and whether you're slipping this small yet stunning device into your handbag or pocketing it into your suitcase, you like to keep up-to-date in style. The iPad mini provides the perfect functionality in both physical and operative form, boasts an enhanced operating system and allows for both the superior connectivity and touch experience you need to stay on top. 

7. Drones

You've always liked your toys but now, the sky truly is the limit and you're taking your hobby to all-new heights. You love to drive and you've always had a passion for all things aerial-related so having a drone makes perfect sense to you. You're not afraid of proving who's in control and you'd much rather spend your time witnessing your drone fly throughout the air, perform awesome acrobatics and even capture the action rather than playing a game of soccer. Lucky for you, JB Hi-Fi understands your craze and so they offer a wide range from renowned Drone manufacturers including Parrot and Zero-X. 

8. GoPro

Adventure is calling and you welcome it with open arms. You live for the action, you're the sporty kind and vivacious best describes your spirit. With the GoPro Hero4 Action Video Camera, you can capture your experiences like never before. Whether you're out in the wild, under water or daring through the dark, this device from GoPro has you covered with up to 4x the resolution of High Definition, a superior image quality, faster frame rates for speedy video, a strong and enhanced processor, new Protune settings, new night and photo lapse modes and loads more. If you haven't already, you can purchase this bad boy at JB Hi-Fi.

Tech to it!