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7 Signs That You Need To Book An Eye Exam

19 Jan 2016

7 Signs That You Need To Book An Eye Exam

1. Deterred Concentration

Whether at short-sight or long-sight, finding it hard to focus after spending a significant amount of time in front of a computer or mobile screen is a clear and common indicator that you need to have an eye test. Common symptoms here include blurred vision, double vision, dizziness and sometimes motion sickness.

2. Eye Pain

Eye pain is most likely to occur as either complementary to or after struggling to concentrate, and where this pain is persistent, whether as pain, strain, fatigue in the eyes or if you're regularly squinting, this suggests that your eyesight has changed and it's time to know whether or not you need glasses. If the pain you experience is very painful, has caused itchy, swelling, dry or red eyes - you may have an eye infection or disorder, which again, you'll only know after having a test.

3. Headaches

While many health factors contribute to headaches, specifically dehydration, having constant headaches is actually one of the first notifications in alerting you to altered vision. If you frequently experience headaches and taking antibiotics or having sufficient amounts of water is not helping the problem, then it's very important to have your eyes tested immediately.

4. Sensitivity to Light

When sunshine or bright lights alike cause pain or discomfort in your eyes, this sensitivity to light may indicate affected vision and in some cases, even an eye disorder or infection.

5. Spots

Essentially, a person with good eyesight will not see dots, lines or other figures in their line of sight, but if you see any of these when viewing, it's clear that your vision is affected. This is one of the best and clearest indicators, and as a result of seeing such, means that you will most likely need glasses or if you already wear glasses - you'll need to have them fixed or replaced. 

6. Visual Disturbances

Unexpected or sudden visual disturbances including floaters, light flashes and other obstructions of vision, is a profound indication that you need urgent medical assistance. This is a serious sign which should not be taken lightly, because those experiencing such could be suffering from a vision-threatening eye disorder.

7. Family History

Those with a family history of macular degeneration, glaucoma or other eye-associated problems are more likely to develop these, especially during their later life, which is why regular eye checks are a must. Also, having a medical condition such as diabetes or an ocular disorder, taking high prescriptions or suffering from other health issues can increase your likelihood of affected vision, which again as a preventative measure, frequent eye checks are highly recommended.

The friendly staff at the Big W Vision pop up (located Lower Ground Floor 11am - 1pm) will conduct a quick 2 minute test to tell you if you need glasses, plus you will get an instant reading of your results to take with you! They will give you professional advice and can book you into a fully bulk billed service in the Big W Vision store with their qualified optometrist. Keep a look out for them, and if you're nearby come and say hello!

So what're you waiting for? See to it!