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Do Your Glasses Match with Your Face Shape?

06 Feb 2018

 Do Your Glasses Match with Your Face Shape?


Heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead and smaller chin, perfect for a pair of oversized specs.

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Prominent cheekbones, wide foreheads and a longer length are characteristics of the heptagon face. This shape can have a field day with oversized frames, especially those made of thick acetate

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With prominent cheekbones and narrower foreheads and chins, kite-shaped faces look smashing in clear and rimless frames that de-emphasize the cheekbones.

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Oblong-shaped faces have longer and wider features than other shapes. Thick acetate and rounded frames balance out the wider, longer features.

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Smaller features with a narrower forehead and jaw are the hallmark of the oval-shaped face. They look great in nearly every style, as long as the frame isn’t wider than the widest part of the face.


A defined jawline is the most notable aspect of the rectangle-shaped face, which can be softened and enhanced by oval and round frames.

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The shorter face length and softer, balanced features of the round face get a beautiful boost with square or rectangular frames.

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The angular, square-shaped face features foreheads and chin lengths that are about equal. Go-to glasses here are those with slightly rounded edges that soften the angles.

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These shorter faces have narrow cheekbones and foreheads, with the length of the forehead shorter than the chin. Smaller, narrower rectangular frames best highlight this face shape without overpowering it.

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