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Secret Santa: A Gift For Every Office Type

08 Dec 2015

Secret Santa: A Gift For Every Office Type

For that co-worker who takes all the office supplies

1. For that co-worker who takes all the office supplies

Once again the stapler is out of staples, your pens are out of ink and somehow you just can’t find that hole puncher…you know who to hold accountable. Help that helpless hog with staples, post-it notes and other stationery from Big W where you can easily stock up their supply at an affordable price.

For that co-worker who takes all the office supplies

2. For the movie buff who won’t resist quoting classic titles

While we get that ‘The Godfather’ is arguably the greatest movie ever made, and since there are only so many times a person can quote ‘Scarface’…it’s time to move on. For hearing some fresh one-liners in future, JB HI-FI offer an abundant ray of titles everywhere from box office hits and HBO dramas to foreign cinema and animation, so you’re sure to find something that even they haven’t watched yet.

For that irritable boss you try your best to avoid

3. For that irritable boss you try your best to avoid

You're always on time to work because you’d rather escape the wrath of your boss. Well thankfully there’s a gift you can give for adding some Christmas cheer to that frown, and that’s encouragement to your boss for a much needed holiday. Whether you’re spending big or on a budget, purchase a gift card of your desired value from Aus X Change …a penny for your thoughts perhaps?

For the chilled boss

4. For the chilled boss

They overlook your clumsiness, ignore the occasional cussing and pretend they forgot all about your little stunt at last year’s Christmas party and now, it’s time to remind them why they’re not crazy for hiring you in the first place. Given the nature of your track record, you’ll either need to break your budget or buy something affordable yet impressive. So for the headaches you may or may not have caused your boss, allow someone else to relieve their tension with a well-deserved massage at Massage Indulgence.

For the co-worker who never says no to you

5. For the co-worker who never says no to you

When you were thrown into the deep end on your first day of work, this lovely human was there to help. Kind-hearted and always willing to assist, it’s about time you really said thank you. Show your appreciation and surprise them with a small, personal gift from Wallace Bishop where you’ll find watches and a wide jewellery range including beads and charms.

For the stress-head

6. For the stress-head

Keeping calm and carrying on is obviously easier for some than it is for others, and so for your co-worker who struggles to chill out, help them find inner calm without sweating your pocket with body lotion, hand care, a euphoric perfume or even a sleep & de-stress vitamin from Priceline where you’ll also find a wide range of vitamins and supplements, toiletries and assorted fragrances perfect for soothing and relaxation.

For the gym junkie

7. For the gym junkie

For those who arrive early to work in their gym gear, carry around their backpack for a session after work, would rather ride their bicycle than drive or for those who just like to keep fit, how about the right gear for a greater workout? Eco-conscious and powered by nature, UK retailer Carrot Banana Peach offer a special range of yoga and athletic gear made from comfortable and skin-lovin fabrics, and if you’re sticking by your budget - how about a sweatband?

For the coffee addict

8. For the coffee addict

Every office is bound to have this majority. So if you’re shopping for a devotee who helplessly confuses caffeine for love on a daily basis, help them get their day started the right way with a cup of coffee that counts. Always on the right track to such, renowned retailer of fine coffees, Jamaica Blue, boast a signature, premium blend brewed by passionate baristas to bring you a fresh, high-quality and Australian-roasted coffee each time. Share the Christmas spirit with a Jamaica Blue gift card or treat that co-worker to a cup of coffee you know they’re always waiting for.

For the jolly good fellow

9. For the jolly good fellow

There’s no wiping that smile off their dial, so why not make it bigger? Every office needs a ray of sunshine and to keep these good vibes coming, treat your happy colleague to a box or pack of chocolates, which attractively contain serotonin, and that basically means good lovin’. Spoil this happy colleague with a pack of Tim Tams or a classic Cadbury pick from Woolworths among a delicious and widespread range of treats, and since they’re always in a good mood, the good news is that they’ll most likely share!

For the fixer

10. For the fixer

The self-appointed office handyman or handywoman who’s simply awesome by choice, truly deserves a reward for fixing yet another paper jam. Treat your own special little helper to an ice cold one, because nothing says “now you can relax” better than an alcoholic beverage. And lucky for you, BWS have you covered with their premium selection of beer, wine and spirits to choose from.

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