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Introducing Fantasia’s Take Home Dumplings

16 Aug 2019

MacArthur Central’s Fantasia has a brand new range of frozen gyoza, dim sim, spring rolls and pork buns. This means you can take home the flavours of FantAsia!

You Can Now Take Home the Taste of FantAsia!

MacArthur Central’s Fantasia has a brand new range of frozen gyoza, dim sim, spring rolls and pork buns. Stock your freezer with these delicious items and always have something on hand for dinner! 


With unbeatable wholesale prices, these frozen items allow you to save money while enjoying the delicious flavours of FantAsia’s menu. You can see the full list of products and prices below:


Pork/Chicken Dim Sims (24pcs) $12.50
Pork/Beef & Pepper/Curry Beef (26pcs) $12.50
Spring Rolls (20pcs) $12.50
Chinese BBQ Pork Buns (12pcs) $15.00
Chinese BBQ Pork (1kg) $19.50

How To Cook our BBQ Pork with Sauce

How To Cook our Wholesale Chicken and Pork Dim Sims

How To Cook our BBQ Buns

About FantAsia

While you’re picking up your frozen goods, why not also enjoy one of FantAsia’s delicious dine-in or takeaway meals? The menu includes 13 different meals from seven Asian countries,  including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. Customer favourites include Tokyo beef, lemongrass chicken, Korean-style chicken wings and gyoza!

High-Quality, Wholesome, Fast, Fresh & Delicious

FantAsia opened their first flagship store at MacArthur Central in 2010 - and have since expanded all around Brisbane. This restaurant began as a family-owned business, and has since expanded to franchisees that are committed to perfecting the menu and bringing the delights and diversity of Asian food to Australian consumers.

FantAsia offers fantastic, fast and tasty Asian food. Their menu uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and traditional cooking methods, which means you get delicious, fresh and authentic Asian flavours in every bite. 

Come and Try FantAsia’s Frozen Range Today!

FantAsia’s new frozen range is an exciting development, because it means customers can enjoy FantAsia’s food at home, more conveniently and affordably than ever before. Head to MacArthur Central today and try some today!

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