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Va Va Voom! Enter Russian Volume Lashes

13 Aug 2017

Va Va Voom! Enter Russian Volume Lashes


Say goodbye to mascara, and say hello to effortless glamour. Otherwise known as 3D Russian Volume Lashes, Russian Lashes are your fast beauty solution to thick, long-lasting lashes.

Russian Volume Eyelashes exude a fuller look, and are lighter than classic lashes.

Established only in 2010, Russian Volume Lash Extensions fast became a fashionable statement around the world, having taken the beauty industry by storm.

Because now, these Russian lashes provided the magical answer to eyelash extensions: FULLNESS - a desired facet that classic lashes were unable to adequately provide.

So now with 3D Russian Eyelash Extensions, you attain both the extra length and the complete fullness.


So you may be thinking, well what are 3D lashes? The term 'Russian 3D Lashes' refers to the elected volume method, which is utilised to achieve that stunning, fuller look.

Whether that's 3D or 6D lashes, each term explains the exact amount of lashes that are used for each natural lash. In the case of 3D Russian Lashes, this indicates that for every single lash of yours, three lashes are put on top.

Due to such, the end result is a glamorous, glossy and gorgeous eye-opener for any individual, as they further prove a complete confidence booster, providing that stunning Hollywood look made almost effortless; particularly ideal for special occasions and events.


Attain luscious Russian Eyelash Extensions today at MacArthur Central's Brazilian Beauty Brisbane, open 6 days a week on the Lower Ground, where a dedicated team of highly qualified beauty therapists are ready for the best results, so you can 'Look, Live and Feel Gorgeous'.

View the full Russian Volume lashes price list with Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Advice from Brazilian Beauty here.

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