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What, Exactly, is a Poke Bowl?

17 Apr 2019

What, Exactly, is a Poke Bowl?

What’s in a Poke Bowl?

Specific ingredients in a poke bowl depend on where you go to get one. Head to Love Roll Sushi + Poke in MacArthur Central and you can customise your bowl with ingredients that range from fresh tuna to teriyaki chicken, from tofu to hot and spicy pork.

Two of the most popular picks on the menu include the salmon poke bowl, with two different salmon options, and the chicken poke bowl, with four delicious chicken options.

The restaurant gives you a six-step plan to fully customise each Hawaiian poke bowl to suit your taste.

Step 1: Pick a base, either rice or salad

Step 2: Grab some goodness, with your choice of veggies

Step 3: Pick two proteins, ranging from raw fish to cooked chicken

Step 4: Pile on toppings

Step 5: Add a dollop of your selected dressing

Step 6: Finish it off with optional extras

Although the above info clears up a lot of mystery surrounding poke bowls, a few lingering questions may remain.

Are Poke Bowls Raw?

Poke bowls can contain raw fish, but no they don’t necessarily have to. It all depends on the ingredients you choose.

Is There Cooked Poke?

Yes. Cooked poke options include cooked chicken, beef or pork.

Have additional questions about Hawaiian poke bowls or want to give one a try? Pay a visit to Love Roll Sushi + Poke in MacArthur Central today.